Cosplay Portfolios | Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s from Jinx Wolf


CosplayerJinx Wolf
CharacterFoxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s
Date completed2016/10/08
Hours spent making this cosplayAlmost 1000 hours
Total cost involved in making cosplayApprox. R1300

Info for the Costume

It is a full suit costume of Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy’s

I made this costume because……

I love FNAF and Foxy is my absolute favourite character

Planning Process

I have been planning to make a foxy suit since playing the first FNAF game.

I started out playing the FNAF games about a year ago, I was very interested in the animatronic foxy and wanted to do a cosplay of him, so I started researching how to make the suit. I started out with his head made of foam, then I went and bought the fabric used to cover the foam shell. I then looked at the rest of the costume and broke it down into processes in order of importance:

  1. Cut out and form the head piece, cut out the ears and whiskers and attach them before they are covered, then cut out the bottom jaw and attach it to a tight elastic piece that goes around my head, in order to make the jaw move, cover it an make and attach the teeth, carve out the muzzle like shape of the top jaw and cover it in the pink fleece and attach the nose (made of polystyrene and painted black) and paint the freckles. Attach the teeth (made out of paper and foil) and glue the jaw to the face. Cover the inside of the ears with the black material and the outside with the red and attach them to the ears using popsicle sticks to make them floppy, use pipe cleaners to make the hairs on top of his head. Cut a polystyrene ball in half and paint a yellow circle then carve the inside out for the eyelight wires and glue them into the eye sockets, use some of the red fleece painted black to make fluffy eye brows and stick them on.
  2. Cut out the body piece out of foam and then cover the two side pieces in just the red foam, and the front piece in first black fabric (for the tear) and then in another pink colored fleece, after it was covered it would then be hand sewn together to form one solid tube and then the rips on the front were done.
  3. Cut the shoulder straps and shoulder pads out of the foam and cover them with the red fleece, then glue them together and sew them onto the body piece.
  4. Resize the pants to fit me and then tear them in a random pattern to look worn.
  5. Cut out and cover the 4 separate arm pieces (first in black fabric, for the tears and then in the red fleece) and sew them into tubes to fit snugly on my upper and lower arms, I would then add the tears and then glue the fleece down around the rips.
  6. Wire the eye lights in and the light switch into my hand and the battery in my arm.
  7. Cut out an old 2L sprite bottle to make the hook base and shape a thick piece of wire (and dull the wire) to make the hook. Then use an old black magician’s glove to use as the base of the exposed animatronic hand and cut cardboard to make the hand shape, spray the card board silver and attach the shapes to the glove.
  8. The last thing to do was make the shoes, which are SUPER comfortable. Use an old winter slipper with a furry inside and shape the box like feet shape out of cardboard and foam, make the legs out of foam sewn together into a tube and attach it to the base. Spray the entire thing with silver paint and attach insulation tape up the legs for the joints in Foxy’s legs.

Techniques Used

  • Painting
  • Sewing
  • Electronics & LED’s
  • Working with glue

I painted his eyes and feet, and sewed his body piece as well as his head, glove, arm, pants and leg pieces. I had to wire the eyes and switch and glued most of the rest.

I constructed foxy in exactly the way I planned it except all was done horribly out of order. First I made the head and covered it and cut and painted the eyes, then I did the pants and the eye wiring. After this I completed the body piece and the hook, as well as made the arm tubes. Next I made the shoulder straps and pads and attached them together, and I also made the gloves. Once this was all done, it was only finishing of the rest of the elements, attach it all together and finally covered everything in fur.

On the day before I was competing at the rAge Cosplay Contest, I made and finished the legs and feet, and on the morning I attached the legs to the feet.

Did you have to learn any new techniques in order to make this costume?

Electronics and sewing

Does this cosplay need special make-up to be done?

Luckily not

At which cons and events did you wear this costume?

rAge 2016

Have you won any awards for this costume?

Not yet, but watch this space…..

Any last thoughts on this costume? (Upgrades you would still like to do, alterations etc.)

I would like to redo his pants into a diaper to make the costume more “3D”


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