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At GES, we believe that Cosplay is more than just a hobbie; it’s a lifestyle.

Cosplay in South Africa has seen amazing development in the recent years, with our first two C2E2 entrants both coming home with silverware, Kinpatsu (Tayla Barter) with a 2nd place in 2019 and JinxKittie (Kelsey Atkins) with the win in 2020.

This once “strange” hobbie has become a cultural phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and changed the way “geeks” are perceived and accepted by the general public or “normies” if you will.

“Cosplay Is Not Consent”, a movement started in 2013 by Rochelle Keyhan, Erin Filson, and Anna Kegler, brought to the mainstream, the issue of sexual harassment in the convention attending cosplay community. Harassment of Cosplayers include photography without permission, verbal abuse, touching, and groping. Harassment is not limited to women in provocative outfits as male cosplayers talked about being bullied for not fitting certain costume and characters.


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