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Most of the Cosplayers on the local scene have come to know Warren Simpson from Nerd King Cosplay as the goofy guy who does the Cosplayer vs Me fun pics. He is also someone who spends a lot of time working on his cosplays and editing videos and pictures of his own costumes, so naturally we thought that we should pick his brain as to give us some cool editing tips for getting the right video done for your page or blog.

Warren mostly uses apps to do his editing, which puts these techniques well within the reach of the average Cosplayer out there because let’s be honest, video editing software is very expensive these days. Let’s see what Warren can share with us, and let us know if you found any of his tips helpful, we would love to see your own edits….

Easy Video Editing by Nerd King Cosplay


“A great way to promote a cosplay page and entertain your followers is with the use of videos, or clips. But if you want to get a bit creative above the normal snapping of a video, here are a few apps and suggestions to help you out.

Starting off we all know that once we start a video there is always a few seconds before, after or even sometimes both, that your hand is in the way of the video. This can be cut out using your phone’s built in app, there is an option to cut a video when hitting the options button on your phone while the video is playing. The importance of this is that even though your followers will be more than happy to watch the video, but they will not be too happy about spending a lot of data, so shaving off precious seconds could come in handy with your followers who are on a tight data budget. If you are having difficulty with your built in app, another useful app is InShot. It was designed for Instagram and it allows its user to crop, shorten and add music and sound to your clip.

Moving away from simply trimming a video, let’s go into a bit more funky video editing apps. The first one to discuss is called Boomerang. It was also made for Instagram, but has become an independent app. This is a funny one; it uses a few seconds of recording then looping it about three times. For example: if you, or a few of your cosplay friends do a short, silly and funky dance and record it using the app it will come out looking like its playing back and forth or when you just finished your cosplay make up and want to express facial expressions like from frowning to smiling, the app will loop the expression and make you go from the two expressions flawlessly.

Another fun app is called Reverse Movie FX. Many of my friends spent many an hour on this app. It allows the user to reverse a movie. For instance: if you throw a pillow on a couch, the app will reverse the footage and make it look like you are using magic to make the pillow jump up from the couch to your hands.

PowerDirector is an app that is loaded with features. Here you can take footage and make it go in slow motion, or the complete opposite and speed up the footage. This app also allows the user to compile a video using a bunch of other videos, and edit them. You can add other colors into the video, as well as add sound clips and music. It also allows the user to put the video through a filter and add text to the vid.

There is an app for any job, just depends what you want to do. These apps are just a great way to have fun, and entertain the followers you have for your page.  It will take time to know all the functions of the different apps, but you will surprise yourself If you play around with it long enough, and just make it your own.”

Have a look at one of Warren’s videos that he’s made using these hints and tips. He also told us that if there’s one thing that he learned the hard way, if you make a vid for your cosplay page or Youtube, the music you use for the clip cannot be longer than 30 secs, otherwise you violate copyright law and your video will not be viewed by anyone else.

Watch and learn people…..

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