Collectibles Review: Kotobukiya ArtFX Wonder Woman 1/6 Scale Statue

The Collector's Quandry... Sadly the amount of epic collectibles available on the market are making it near impossible for me to indulge my other hobbies. I'm sure most readers are in the same boat. So when it comes to something like the the Kotobukiya ArtFX Wonder Woman statue I…

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A brilliantly designed statue that exceeds all expectations. Definitely worth picking up!

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The Collector’s Quandry…

Sadly the amount of epic collectibles available on the market are making it near impossible for me to indulge my other hobbies. I’m sure most readers are in the same boat.

So when it comes to something like the the Kotobukiya ArtFX Wonder Woman statue I had to take a closer look to see if it was worth grabbing.

They Should Be Very Very Proud

What follows below is a data bundle friendly review for everyone who is still fighting the data struggle. For those of you who are liberated, please have a look at the video above.

2017 will go down in history as the year that we at last go to see the cinematic debut of Wonder Woman in her first feature solo.

I’m not going to lie, I laughed, I almost cried and if we are being really honest I tried to figure out exactly how she managed to hold that sword down the back of her dress in place. (That’s as a good an excuse as any to go watch the movie again – you are welcome).

Now as is always the case with a blockbuster of this caliber, we also saw a whole lot of awesome merchandise.

I was fortunate enough to rock up at the Project Mayhem Collectibles Showroom when their stock arrived a little while back.

Quick shout out to friends of the site Reza and “the Nas” for letting me goof off with your store display for purposes of that video review.

As is always the case with a statue, we will consider the two cardinal A’s – Aesthetics and Aish-Factor.


What can I say… Gal Gadot was born for this role! I was quite happy to note that Kotobukiya was able to do a bang up job in capturing her likeness in this statue. Given that the ArtFX line is there more expensive line (when compared to for example their ArtFX+ line) this is all the more welcome.

The costume details are meticulously sculpted. We see some fine textured detail throughout the armoured parts and subtle embellishments that simulate wear and tear on the would be leather areas.

The paint job overall rounds it up nicely by adding a degree of realism and depth to the uniform as well as the features of the statue. Sadly some of the paintwork and shading is so fine, that you can’t pick it up on a camera at all. Suffice to say that no matter how good you think this statue looks right now from photos and videos – the real thing is infinitely more impressive.

I liked that Wonder Woman is showcased in a battle ready though gracefully poised stance. This is exactly how I would imagine her to be.

I must make special mention of the accessories. I am thrilled that Kotobukiya included two sets of swords and shields – with each set representing her accessories in the BVS or Wonder Woman movies respectively. That’s value for money!


The “Aish-Factor” is a generic standard that evaluates where an item falls on the Eish versus Aish scale – with “Eish…” being a fail and “Aish!” being a major win.

The statue is a cost effective means of getting a rendition of one of the most highly sought after figures year.

Boasting all of the best features of Kotobukiya as evidenced by the sterling sculpt work and masterfully applied paint accents you would be hard pressed to find another statue at this price point that does such a great job representing this version of the character.

The statue has a solid build and includes some apt accessories with is always a plus.

For full details be sure to watch the video review embedded in this write up.

For now though, suffice to say that this statue elicits a resounding Aish!!!


Project Mayhem Collectibles
www.project, or
0727898008 (Naseemah – available on Whatsapp as well)


Cosmic Comics who can be reached at: or or
011 782 0819 (Karryn or Shane)

Be sure to tell them that Zaid sent you. Take chocolate. It won’t help you get a discount or anything like that, but it will make you feel better if you don’t get one of these since they will probably be sold out if you continue to dilly dally.


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