CM Storm Spawn

Cooler Master’s latest entry into the world of gaming mice is the very interesting looking Spawn. The Spawns dark red metallic aesthetics are very pleasing to the eye and are reminiscent of something that Tony Stark would cook up but is there more to Spawn than its hot rod looks and flat sleek profile?



The first time you grip the Spawn will either make it or break for you depending on what style of grip you are comfortable with. Those fond of a palm grip where your palm makes contact with the ridge of the mouse may feel out of sorts. The reason for this is that the Spawn has a very claw grip friendly design. The Spawn is very flat with which gives it its sleek appearance, there is not much palm support because of this but as a claw grip design it works well.



The Spawn has a very high build quality feel to it, there is a lot of rubber used on the sides of the Spawn to grip your thumb nicely and the left and right mouse buttons are coated in a thin rubber finish as well. The buttons have a clear audible click to them and the scroll wheel is light work for gaming and surfing the net. The Spawn’s cable is not cloth unfortunately but rubber instead and it’s not the smoothest mouse around a pad either due to the design of the slip pads on the bottom of the Spawn. There are two sensitivity buttons on top of the Spawn for adjusting the DPI, these work great but another drawback is that the sensitivity can only be changed to 800 DPI, 1800 DPI or 3500 DPI. The jump from 1800 DPI to 3500 DPI is a big one and it feels like there should be one more option before it instead of the hyper sensitive 3500 DPI option.



Also there is no visible way to check which sensitivity the Spawn is on, instead you will have to make a few donuts on your desktop to gauge the DPI. When using the claw grip the Spawn performs very well in games like Black Ops 2, the grip allows for very precise aiming which makes pretty much any FPS a pleasure to play. You cannot save profiles for the Spawn though so you will have to configure from scratch for each type of game you play.

At a very reasonable price of R326 the Spawn won’t break the bank and if you use a claw grip it’s a very good option, palm heavy users will have to look elsewhere unfortunately.

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