Check Out Kali Kitty Cosplay’s Cool Embroidery Tutorial

We all know that a big part of cosplay crafting usually consists out of some sort of sewing, whether it’s hand sewing or with a sewing machine. Very often the costume that you are making has got intricate embroidery on it and it can be quite tough to replicate it on your own creation.

Well, fear no more as Kali Kitty Cosplay has created a video tutorial on a simple embroidery technique that should help most of you with getting the basic embroidery skills you’re needing to finish off your costumes. Let’s have a look at the video below


Seeing it’s from a  video, we had to make some screenshots to show you some of her technique. Enjoy and send us pics of your own embroidery successes!!

Kali Kitty Cosplay pics courtesy of their Facebook page 

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