Charge your phone on the go

Gaming on a smartphone isn’t always ideal. Those annoying “Battery low, connect to charger” notifications can seriously interfere with your gaming mojo. The same mojo is destroyed in seconds when your phone just switches off. Game Over.

A bunch of clever folk have been hard at work designing mobile charging units. Some are big and bulky while others are just not practical. However, the RED-E PowerBank could be the answer for gamers on the go.


For starters, they’re small enough to cart around in your pocket or handbag and they also come in three different sizes. I have rather simple requirements from a charger: charge my phone. So the RED-E Standard Edition suits me rather well. It’s small and light weight with a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. There’s a USB port for the charge cable and a micro USB port for charging the Powerbank. It does pack a punk though – offering up to 2 full charges of your mobile before you need to recharge it.


There’s also the Superior Edition which brags 4500 mAh and has a 4 LED Power Indicator so you can determine the remaining charge. There’s always that one person who has to have something with all the bells and whistles (compensating much?). They’ll obviously be suited to the RED-E Premium Edition. Packing a 6000mAh PowerBank, it also has a sleek black finish, red cord and charges multiple devices. So you can get your iPod, iPhone & iPad charged all in one go.

Camping can finally be fun!

Damage on these little buggers is between R299 to R699. You can go here to find a stockist.


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