CCA Championship of Cosplay Entries are Open!

Yes the time has arrived!

The entries for the Comic Con Africa Championship of Cosplay are Open. Below we have all the information and link that you require to enter and know about the championship.

We had a great championship last year and are looking to improve on what we have built. Our winner of last year Tayla Barter was sent to C2E2 earlier this year and she placed second in the crown championship. It just comes to show that we have some great talent here and we can compete on the world stage.

The great thing about the CCA Championship is that it is open for the entirety of Africa, last year we had some Mauritians enter as well and it was great to meet other people from the same continent with the same passion.

Let’s get on to the details.

Below is some info taken from the CCA page


The Comic Con Africa Championships of Cosplay is part of the global ‘Quest for the Crown’ circuit that celebrates the very best in Cosplay design from all over the world. The 2019 African Champion of Cosplay will represent Comic Con Africa in the 2020 C2E2 Global Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago, the final round in the Quest for the Crown Cosplay Competition Circuit. There the African champion will battle it out with the best Cosplayers in the world from the United States, Australia, China, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, India, France and many more.

This is the first stop in the “Quest for the Crown,” a global Cosplay competition circuit that celebrates the very best in Cosplay from all over the world.

The Comic Con Africa Championships of Cosplay will take place at Comic Con Africa 2019 with judging sessions on the Saturday the 21st & Sunday the 22nd of September and the finals will take place on the main stage on Tuesday the 24th September 2019 for the chance to be crowned the African Champion of Cosplay!

Join us for what is sure to be a fun-filled competition celebrating the talent, skill and determination of the best Cosplayers in Africa.


The Comic Con Africa Championships of Cosplay  will be held at Comic Con Africa in 2019. The competition is a craftsmanship award shows with a pre-judging session and a stage display. All entries must represent a character or element from pop culture including comic books, movies, television, video games, anime, manga, and fantasy.

We encourage all Cosplayers to enter the competition from Youth, Beginner and Intermediate to Masters.

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