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Cosplayer of the Month | October 2012 Ms Sasha Perdigao

With Rage 2012 behind us ‘so quickly I might add “bring on next year”.     Gaming Entertainment Solutions is proud and excited to present and showcase an awesome interview from one of South Africa’s most highly recognized cosplayers “Ms Sasha Perdigao”   Profile: Sashi Age: 32 Location: Cape Town Facebook Page: Sasha Perdigao Website: – ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | September 2012 The Morgue Chan

Gaming Entertainment Solutions is proud to present yet another interview for the month of September 2012     This month’s feature highlights the work of a local Johannesburg Cosplayer “The Morgue Chan” Profile: The Morgue Chan Age: 20 (21 in November) Location: Johannesburg Facebook Page: TheMorgueChan Website:  TheNasd: Everyone has a reason for getting into cosplay, ...

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Cosplayer of the Month | August 2012 KomboKitten

South African Cosplay is on the rise and growing each year   We feature one of the most prominent Cosplayers “KomboKitten” Foreword: Gaming Entertainment Solutions in partnership with local Cosplay enthusiasts is proud to present the first of many articles in relation to the little and less well known role of ...

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