Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-Ray Round-up

Captain America The Winter Soldier is the second Cap movie, the first was an origin story and set the scene for The Avengers movies. This movie however is not an origin story and takes place after the events of The Avengers, the movie has it all, humour, action and most of all Super-Hero epicness!

So if you haven’t seen CA: The Winter Soldier yet then what is wrong with you? Get it now . We have already done a full review on the movie which can be seen here. So with this Round-up we will be taking a look at the Blu-Ray and what Awesomeness it brings us.


Obviously you get the main feature film in all the HD glory that your eyes can handle with the 3D version you get to enjoy it in 3D or 2D. This is one of the first Marvel movies that doesn’t include a One-Shot short film which is kinda disappointing but doesn’t make or break the package.

For the Bonus Features we have the following:

On the Front Line: An Inside look at Captain America’s Battlegrounds – This is basically a making of the movie, but I felt this one quite interesting as they explain why they did the first movie as an origin and why and how they came up with this story. They also talk about why they included all the other characters like Black Widow and Falcon.

On Set with Anthony Mackie: Cut the Check – Anthony Mackie portrays the role of Falcon in the Movie, on this featurette they explain what it was like to have him on the set and why “Cut the Check” became a regular phrase on the movie set.

Steve Roger’s Notebook – In the movie when Cap meets Falcon for the first time and they talk, Falcon tells Cap about some stuff he has to check out (Because he was Frozen in Ice for 60 odd year). Cap pulls out a notebook to write it down, in the notebook you see all kins of other stuff that is written down. In this section they tell us why they did this and also tell us that in certain regions there are different stuff written in the notebook to make the movie feel a bit more global. This was a great thing to add to the film although it is minute it does make a difference if you pick it up.


Audio Commentary – As per usual this let’s you watch the movie with audio commentary

Gag Reel – I always Love checking this out, it is great too see the crazy stuff that happens on set of movies and also how actor’s can become tongue tied. This one was especially funny.

Deleted and Extended Scenes – This is also a favourite of mine to check out and see what has been changed or cut from the film, there wasn’t too much changed or cut from this movie but was still worth checking out.

So as you can see this movie is well worth it to own and to get it on Blu-Ray is a must for me. I was really impressed with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I was expecting it to be good but it completely blew my mind and I was Speechless for a whole evening after I saw it, one of the best movies this year for me.

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