Star Wars: The Force Awakens..L to R: Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford)..Ph: Film Frame..?Lucasfilm 2015

Can Star Wars Change the World Again?

I have been watching all these trailers a few times, and I’m not going to talk too much about the easter eggs or the nostalgic throw backs with Han Solo or Princess Leia.

When it comes to the original Star Wars trilogy, I was young, and TV was limited. We didn’t have YouTube or Twitter to see every kind of marketing promotion or teaser trailer one, teaser trailer two, original trailer, new art work over and over and over.

No, what I had was a curious mind, and a box of old video tapes in the back of the TV cupboard.

I found a smaller box of videos, three tapes, that in hand writing said: Star Wars IV.

I didn’t know what I was about to watch, but I didn’t care, I was board and had nothing else to do.

I began the first movie of Star Wars ever, then watched the second, then the last. By the time of the last movie, my Mom returned home in shock! She had no idea I could work the video player! Then, she sat with me to watch the last of Return of the Jedi.

I was hooked. The rest of my life with be filled with Star Wars references and an interest in science fiction and fantasy and how I could create my own starship and move things with my mind.

But, this impact on my life was made without any kind of marketing gimmick or promotional trailer.

The movies,, are, good.

The story, the ideas, the imagery it’s all there, it created a universe for us to explore. It impacted my life without any promotional material.

Present day. Every other week we loose our geek minds all over the floor every time a new trailer or poster for the coming Star Wars The Force Awakens comes out.

Im worried about this. The new trailer was good. But, so what? Trailers are always good. That’s what they were meant to do.

But will the movie be good? Is the movie able to stand on it’s own two feet without any of the promotional material, is the story there?

We know the music, action and actors are there. But we’ve seen that in the “what must not be acknowledged” Prequel Trilogy.

So sure, the new trailer, has everything in it that seems like it will be the best movie of the decade.

But, will the movie, be what is should be, will it change a young boys life forever, without the weight of a billion dollar promotional budget. Will it change the world all over again?

But, if you want to know what I think of the trailer? It looks great, it’s dramatic, it’s meaningful, it’s nostalgic and it does make 99% of geeks out there moist in their keyboards.

Here it is, for your geeky pleasure:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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