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Call of Duty WWII Beta Gameplay

Call of Duty has become one of the greatest gaming titles across the world, every year millions of fans wait for a new release and eagerly troll the internet for any new news.

Call of Duty WWII is no different and this past weekend I was able to take part in the Multiplayer Private Beta, which everyone who has pre-ordered a copy could take part in. There wasn’t tons of maps to play as on the War mode there was only one but it still gave us a great idea of what the game would be like and ten to one gave the developers massive amount of critical data and feedback.

Below is a video I did along with a stream I also did on Sunday. There are a few things that I am impressed with and I’m hoping they can build on it to deliver a better game. Initially you choose which division you want to be part of, Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain or Expeditionary. You choose one as your starting point and can then later on choose more to unlock.

The divisions is basically your soldier class like Expeditionary is your close quarter class and Armored is you Bazooka / Heavy weapons class. Obviously you can customize the classes/divisions to suit your need more closely but these are the standards you start with. I started with the infantry class but soon realized that I am more geared towards the armored class, so I quickly changed and it made a big difference.

When you choose your class there is a short cool little briefing video that plays from a recruiter in that division telling you what they are about, this is a great little touch to a small part of the game but can make a big difference. After choosing your division you can jump straight into some games. The modes are pretty standard and I like that they added a mode that switches between all of them. My favourite and also looked like the more popular mode was War. Here you get a time limit to fulfill certain tasks to be victorious then the teams swap sides as usually one team will be the attacker and the other the defender. This mode is great fun and requires some team work to be successful and the great thing is that the team work comes naturally it doesn’t feel forced or isn’t too much of a task that everyone just ignores it.

I started of slow with CoD WWII as I do not always play FPS but as I got into it, it all came back to me and before no time I was adding great value to my team. I had my part to play and was happy to do it. I thoroughly enjoyed the theme and gameplay of the Beta and if they can just build on this, it will be a great release. In my opinion the WWII era has been used too much and it feels like we do it over and over and over… But somehow they made it feel fresh and new!

Call of Duty World War II looks to be an epic game with a strong Multiplayer as is to be expected form a CoD game.

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