Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

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At some stage, each one of us has played Burnout, whether it be the original or the remaster on
possible every console and device ever made. Now, we look at the remaster on switch and what
exactly this offers us on the first fully-mobile version of the remaster.

The game plays well and looks just as good as you would expect a remaster to look. The graphics are
clean and run really smooth on the Switch. There are obvious things that you notice when playing
docked on a bigger screen, however, on the handheld screen you can barely notice that this game is
over 10 years old.

Burnout is still burnout, the fast- paced, action-packed gameplay is still there and the game still
bangs on the small screen as it did back in the day. The franchise still manages to keep you coming
back for me. For those who have never had the privilege of playing Burnout before; basically the aim
of the game is to drive at the fastest speeds possible, where you want in the open world, creating
chaos and destruction on the way. There are set events and races that you take part in to further
level up your license, this then allowing you to drive bigger and badder cars, speeding is the aim and
crashing is the game.

I have played Burnout too many times to not be a fan, from the perfect fitting soundtrack to the
iconic crash slow-mo’s; you surely aren’t going to go wrong with this one. I would definitely
recommend picking this bad boys up and this will definitely stay apart of my Loadshedding console’s
library from here onward.



Graphics - 7
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 9

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