BT Games Black Friday Deals 2015

Get your game on!

BT Games is running incredible deals for their Black Friday Digital Download Specials, you quite honestly do not want to miss out on these!

Unfortunately these deals apply only to the PC platform, but when you see the deals available, you will see that its not really a deal breaker. There are two pages, and over 90 titles that have had their prices sliced and diced into tiny little pieces and there literally is something on special for everyone!

Crazy Discounts here!

To see what is available, take a look here: Black Friday Steals

About Mirage

I pretty much started gaming on Famicom! For those who didnt survive the flood on the ark with Noah, this was an 1980's 8-bit console using interchangeable cartridges. (Google it, it will blow your mind!). From there things got a bit more hardcore, and I started playing DOS-Based games, ( is your friend.) and that progressed through Windows 3.1, until the present where I enjoy intense graphics, captivating story-lines, alternate endings and mind-numbing grinds on both PS3 and Windows PC. When I'm not gaming, I am a club DJ that enjoys playing House, Progressive, Trance, Tech and Minimal. I love watching Anime, my favorite shows are Naruto and Bleach. Epic, I know.

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