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Bounty Battle is essentially Smash Bros. but with indie characters. An unknown event has occurred around the multiverse and it has chosen the greatest warrior from each world and bestowed magical powers to each of them and now they all have to duke it out to see who will take control of the multiverse.

This is a pretty interesting concept, specially since this is for indie titles but sadly this is never explored in the game, you open up the game with a really well animated cinematic showing how many of the characters ended up in this predicament after that nothing is added to the story. There are a few game modes, tutorials, challenges which is sort of a survival type game mode with increasingly difficult enemies then there’s tournament which is like your normal ladder/arcade fight to then beat the boss at the end and your reward, a still image, no expansion as to what the character does with this power, no text, or cutscene, just a still image and you then move on to the next character. This is extremely disappointing since the most fun for me in fighting games is seeing what each character will do if they where to win the tournament, battle, war, etc.

The lack of ‘expansion’ spreads to the gameplay as well, but before I jump into the negative  I have to mention that there are interesting elements here, like a currency system in the battle and spamming actually has a negative effect on the character, this is something I’ve wanted fighting games to somehow incorporate for a while, and what do you do with the currency you ask? Buy minions of course, you get a small, and sometimes huge companion that then fights along side you. Although this concept is good, I wish the was more to buy, health boosts, power boosts, etc. Since now you just wait till you have enough money for a minion and spam the buy button, no risk/reward scenario. Moving on to the negative… to be frank, the game is boring, specially since the first character you are given Azell, is the worst of the lot. She essentially encapsulated the current issues with this title, poor AI, yes for her minion, janky animations, yes, lack of moves variety, yes. The AI in the game is so poor they would sometimes just run of the edge as if even they had enough of this game, the animations while passible look awkward and lack impact, then the moves variety, I get that this is an Indie game but there are for most characters less than 10 moves, this is including special moves and abilities. The roster does improve as you move up but just is not enough to satisfy me in the end.

Another thing to note in the game is that there is no reason to “Get Good”, you have the single player modes listed above and then you have local versus, no online. The motivation for most fighting games is the competitiveness and without online play there is none of that, yes there is local but are you going to play a game endlessly just to beat the same friend over and over again?


Although this is a remarkably interesting concept and has a cast of characters that are interesting in their own right, they are al woefully disappointing. Your time would be better spent playing each character’s respective game.


  • Mid Combat points System
  • Good Concept


  • Janky Combat
  • Bad Animations
  • Lack of Move Variety
  • No Story Progression
  • No Online


Story - 6
Graphics - 7
Audio - 5
Gameplay - 3
Replayability - 2

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