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Borderlands Switch
Borderlands Switch

You're one of 4 murderous vault hunters with a unique ability who loots, shoots, explodes, zaps, freezes, burns, and acidify bandits, robots, and wildlife with millions of different guns.

There are two main reasons why you would want to play this. You love looter/shooters and you have a crude sense of humour. Unlike Destiny or Anthem the guns in Borderlands is and always has been interesting. There are no two similar guns and even have different part skins to correspond with their aspects. A good example is a pistol with one having a larger mag size. So the gun is generated with the part that looks bigger.

There are 6 types of guns (Shotguns, pistols, etc) valued at 5 different rarity (white thru orange like WoW) with a few "alternate" rarities like Eridium Tech all combined with 8 gun "brands" who all look and feel different. Jacobs weapons are all single shot but can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger. Bandits are huge mag size rapid fire guns, etc. Granted these only apply to the last two newest games for 2 and pre sequel. The first one it's more minor differences. You level up, get new weapons, and update your talent tree which is akin to warcrafts old talent system. The quests range from boring to extremely entertaining. With some of the best DLCs in here like Tiny Tinas assault on Dragonkeep, Claptastic voyage, or Secret armoury of General Knoxx.

The only DLC sadly not included in this collection is Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary.

The borderlands 3 Prequel DLC.

The games have countless different bosses that drop unique and awesome legendary weapons. There is a lot of mindless fun to be had. The only issue is that at the end of the day it is just a grindy game. Farm bosses, level up, farm specific loot for best in slot weapons and items, rinse and repeat. The performance for all these games is flawless. The Pre-Sequel is the only one that had minor framerate issues, But other than that they all perform and look fantastic. A extremely well done port for the Nintendo Switch.

Bottom line if you don't mind grindy games then this is the collection for you. Between levelling up all the classes to max, 2 different new game plus modes in both BL2 and BL Pre Sequel, and all the guns to collect. You are looking at hundreds of hours of gameplay. BL2 at 100% complete can take 200 hours if you take it slow. And that's on ONE character for ONE full playthrough for ONE game in a 3 game pack. Chances are if you buy this it'll last you till the switch has been discontinued no doubt about it.

Final Thoughts

Borderlands Legendary Collection is an incredible port, suffering very little slowdown or visual impairment. If you missed this series before, now's the perfect time.

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