Borderlands 3 Steam Edition Review

So finally Borderlands 3 has hit the steam store with a HUGE launch discount of 50% to be exact.

The steam version launched with DLC already available in the form of Moxxi’s heist of the Handsome Jackpot, Taking us back into Handsome Jack territory with his own casino, Now overrun with bots and a mysterious new Host!

The DLC itself was some of the best borderlands scripting I’ve played with some people even going as far as saying it was better than the games actual storyline.
DLC 2 Is launching later this week and it’s called Guns, Love, And Tentacles – The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock.

Its due to launch on March 26th and we are beyond excited to have another deep expansion adding a number of hours to the games playtime.
The Roadmap for 2020 looks great as well with two more FULL DLC’s to be released and a number of free in-game events taking place over the new few months







While there aren’t too many differences between the epic and steam store for the actual game besides Achievements on steam, there are huge differences with the launchers themselves, Without getting too into detail this graph pretty much shows the key differences.

I believe this was a huge part of the review bombing borderlands 3 had on steam. Luckily Steam’s Algorithms managed to remove up to 4000 Negative review bombs. This was the result of Epic game’s Borderlands 3 exclusivity.
Overall I’d say buying the game on steam now with the discounts would be a huge bonus if you don’t already own it on Epic games, Currently the game + season pass is cheaper on steam compared to buying JUST the base game on Epic games.
Either way, Whichever launcher you own, Youll still be able to party up with friends and dive into the world of borderlands 3, One of 2019’s best games.



Story - 8.4
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.6
Gameplay - 8.8
Replayability - 9.1

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