Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced Review Almost a decade ago we first got introduced to the world of Borderlands and many gamers were hooked. Now with the anticipation of Borderlands 3 we had the opportunity to look at Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and how it stacks up after almost ten years. Any gamer…

The Crit

Story - 79%
Graphics - 85%
Audio - 74%
Gameplay - 81%
Replayability - 80%


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Almost a decade ago we first got introduced to the world of Borderlands and many gamers were hooked. Now with the anticipation of Borderlands 3 we had the opportunity to look at Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and how it stacks up after almost ten years.

Any gamer by now should know the Borderlands name and the loveable little robot Claptrap or CL4P-TP if you don’t here is a little synopsis. The first Borderlands takes place on the planet Pandora, the planet is rich with minerals but once mega-corporations land they find very little value and abandoned the planet leaving behind workforce and former prisoners which now became bandits. After deciphering some alien artefacts mythical vaults were discovered that is presumably filled with untold treasure. Now Corporations, the military and Vault Hunter return to the planet in search of these riches themselves. You take the role of a Vault Hunter looking to unfold these mysteries and to find a vault, but things go astray and along your path you have to do quests and defeat bandits for the good of the planet.

Differences in Borderlands: GOTY edition

The first question on your mind will be why a remaster version of the first Borderlands game now? This is a great question and the best answer will probably be, because they can ;p

But to be serious, the first Borderlands game was epic, it brought to life a whole new universe and a game style and graphics unique to anything that was available at the time. With the Game of the Year edition the first notable difference is the graphics. The graphics has been improved to support 4K resolutions and even if you do not own 4K yet there are still great texture and shading improvements done that support the game’s cel-shaded style. The game does looks great and you will not even think that the first version is ten years old.

Some of the gameplay has also been improved with better managing of inventory and a revised mini-map to assist with your journey. The inventory is now more similar to that of Borderlands 2 which also makes it better for console owners. You can also do some more customization on your character and loads more weapons have been added. 4 player local co-op is also possible now with the only drag being that every local player needs to have an online-enabled account. Another great setting that is added is the ability to change the field of view. The last change that is also introduced is that health and ammo pick-ups are now automatic meaning for more running and gunning than stopping and looting.

For performance, the game was designed to try and deliver 60 frames per second all the time. To deliver this dynamic resolution is in place on all systems. On the PS4 you might see slight drops of the resolutions every now and then but nothing drastic.


I’m an avid Borderlands fan and have played every version available on different systems as well. This is a great way to experience the first game if you haven’t already and even for the gamers who have enjoyed the first version this is a great nostalgic trip down memory lane to have and to prepare us all for Borderlands 3.

A review from the perspective of somebody that hasn’t ever played Borderlands(any of them)…

To the shock of Leon(and the rest of the team and maybe the world), I have never actually played any of the Borderlands games(Yes I know, shock, horror). So when the opportunity came up to give it a go(and it was on PC) I took it(and a motion sickness pill, not a big FPS player).

I was bombarded by the unique graphics of the game, gone was the super photorealistic graphics and it was replaced by Cel Shaded models(almost thought it was a JRPG). I did pick up a bit of a dip in the frame rate, but I see that is a common problem with a very quick fix for the problem.

My favourite character to play with at the moment is Mordecai, long range with a hint of melee. I also fell in love with Claptrap, the things that he says. What really intrigues me is the story of Borderlands and I am busy making space so that I can play Borderlands 2 and the Prequel. I still need to try the 4 player Co-Op feature but as of now I really just love to play the single player game(might even try the 3rd person Mod).

Overall I must say that I really missed out on an awesome game and I would re-recommend it to any Co-Op FPS players. It’s fun to play, has a really good soundtrack, the graphics have been upgraded to 4k and it’s the Game of The Year Enhanced edition! This is your local mad scientist signing out….Now I wonder what claptrap would say here…

  • Reviewed on: PS4 and PC
  • Available on: PS4, XBox One, PC, OSX
  • Price: PS4 – R475, PC – R429
  • Publisher: 2K/Gearbox
  • Likes:
  • Love the Cell Shaded Effect
  • Claptrap!!!
  • Dislikes:
  • Some frame rate drops(but can be fixed)
  • Personal dislike is that I need pills for the FPS game play(not a game fault, but human error)

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