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Saya Kisaragi seems like a normal everyday schoolgirl who’s overly clumsy but  kind, but do not let this little timid schoolgirl fool you as she has the skills of cool blooded killer. She lives with her father, the head of her hometown’s shrine. She has to fight against the Furukimono, ancient monsters that menace her peaceful town, with the sword left behind by her missing mother. However, as she fights against these creatures, she learns more things about who she really is and what her real mission will consist of.


Saya might seem at first to be a bit of an air head that has no worries in the world, but as soon as you see her get into a battle with the monsters, her personality chances quite a bit. From a little mouse to a brutal killer, Saya really means business when slaying these creatures. Cutting and slicing away with her sword at their flash, blood spraying and body parts flying everywhere, Saya is a character you do not want to mess with. There was not much character development as some of them were killed off in the story and did not have much of a main role in the story but they do have their little parts to play. Blood-C is one of the less well known animes around but is quite an intense anime to get into. Unfortunately it is a short story with only 12 episodes, so you can easily finish it in a day. Blood-C is available on both DVD and Blu-ray, but for what it’s worth I highly recommend it on Blu-ray as the HD visuals are outstanding and the sound from it just adds that bit of extra enjoyment to watching.


This anime has a very twisted and intense storyline to it as it starts each episode with a soft side to it, then exploding into a blood bath of violence and gore. All of the creatures in this anime were well thought out with a very creative and imaginative mind behind all of them. Some of the creatures made my skin crawl from just the sight of them and from the way they killed devour their human pray, I will say this was one of the most violent and gory anime I have watched to date.


Some people might find this anime a bit slow and boring and others may find it awesome to watch, but I found Blood-C to be a very enjoyable anime to have watch as it had a good plot line and twist to the story. I even enjoyed the amount of blood and gore in it as not many other titles are as violent with their anime titles. So I would say fans of the Blood series will highly enjoy Blood-C and if you are not familiar with the Blood series, I recommend you to give this one a try as it is a totally different kind of anime that is rarely seen of today’s titles. Before I finish up on this, I just need to mention that there is a movie (Blood-C: The Last Dark) that is connected to the anime story and concludes the story, so please follow up onto the movie once you have completed the anime story or you will not understand the storyline in the movie.


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