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Blizzard's Overwatch has been available for roughly a month now (at the time of this post) and has seen a staggeringly large increase in soldiers joining the Overwatch program. If you are not on the bandwagon yet and would like to join the fight, but are afraid that…

The Crit

Story - 76%
Graphics - 86%
Audio - 88%
Gameplay - 81%
Replayability - 83%



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Blizzard’s Overwatch has been available for roughly a month now (at the time of this post) and has seen a staggeringly large increase in soldiers joining the Overwatch program. If you are not on the bandwagon yet and would like to join the fight, but are afraid that it might be too late, do not dispair, this review is here to give you hope. It is never too late to join the Overwatch!

Yes, many players jumped into battle as soon as the servers went live, and many are maxed out already on their levels, but few can say that they have earned all the custom modifications to their favorite characters. How is this encouraging? It simply means that Overwatch has a relayability rating of pretty much something along the lines of Counter Strike, and caters for players of all skill types, young and old alike. With the Arcade Mode offering a weekly rotation on its Brawl Game Modes, it is very painless to join the ranks right now, and get to at least level 10 within about two to three hours of dedicated play.

Blizzard made sure that the final release was polished to a fine sheen shine. Having taken part in the closed beta’s and the open beta, I have been exposed to Overwatch for quite a long time. Like a dedicated relationship, we stuck with each other through good times and bad times and came out enjoying the fruits thereof, and continue to discover new and exciting aspects with each battle we face. Overwatch is an online only arena style first person shooter, that requires a fully dedicated team of ideally multi-specialised characters to dominate the vast graphically rich landscape maps in the Overwatch universe.

Character splits (classes) make it simple to find a style that matches your ability to add value to the fight, whether you like to hold things together by being a tank, being support and rolling a healing “class” or just generally wreacking havok by decimating skulls as a ranged or melee dps. With each level you gain, you earn a loot box that randomly spits out custom rewards in the form of in-game currency, character skins, tags, emotes, and profile icons. Each loot box contains 4 rewards, making it quite a challenge in getting that legendary upgrade for your mains, however, by taking part in the weekly brawl, it makes gaining experience points and unlocking loot boxes easy enough. All that Blizzard asks from you in return is for you to enjoy the fight, contribute to the team and conduct yourself honorably.

There are four game modes, each very similar to one another, yet distinctively unique and with the social aspect of “complimenting” one of the top five players after each match with a “commendation”, it gives you some incentive to make sure your name appears on the top 5 (out of 12) list. Something ridiculously fun is the “highlight” screen that you can refer to during each of your play sessions. This shows your very own cinematic compilation of epic moments, kills or defense scenes in the current play session, again encouraging you to play well, earning you bragging rights by being able to post your highlight video to social platforms like twitter, facebook and youtube via your share button (if you play on PS4 like me). The soundtrack is inspiring and the environments are exceptionally real with top notch physics applied to pretty much anything and everything, from shooting at bottlecaps to spinning dustbin lids with a melee attack, you will hardly have time to get bored.

With the current inception and growth of Overwatch League Competitions, it is as good a time as any to go grab a copy, or dust off your current profile and head into the fray armed with your enthusiasm, leaving the rest to Blizzard’s matchmaking system. It goes without saying that this is more than likely not the first or last review you will read about this title, but perhaps the above has softened a heart or two and given the Overwatch forces a few new loyal mercenaries. The world needs heroes. Are you with us?

Additional Information

Reviewed on: Sony PS4
Available on: PC, PS4 & Xbox One
Genre: First Person Shooter (Online)
Age Rating: All
Publisher/Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Estimated RRP: R899.00
Release Date: 24 May 2016


  • Graphics & Physics
  • Soundtrack and Modes
  • Match Highlight Video


  • Glitchy Side Swop
  • Annoying Bastion Emotes…

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