Bernie Review

Sbernie-postertaring: Jack Black(School of Rock, Kung Fu Panda, High Fidelity), Shirley MacLaine(Bewitched, Rumor has it, Down Town Abby), Matthew McConaughey(Sahara, Fool’s Gold, Mud)
Director: Richard Linklater

Stuck in a small town, everybody knows everybody’s business but nobody really knows Bernie. In a small town called Carthage, down in good old Texas there is an guy called Bernie Tiede the local assistant Mortician. Loved by all of the community, no one could find fault with him. Now Bernie becomes friends with the recently widowed Marjorie Nugent, who is considered by the rest of the town as cold and really unpleasant. They basically got joined by the hip, travel all over the world, expensive gifts. But this came with a price…..Almost no social life, constant nagging, until one day when Bernie just popped. And just like that old Marjorie became a Popsicle. This is the most unbelievable story it must be true.DSC_0441.NEF

This movie is based on actually events and Bernie is really doing time for the murder. The whole feel of the movie is part Tabloid and part documentary with an hint of normal film. This is also another side of Jack Black that you don’t really get to see. He even got a Golden Globe nomination for his roll as Bernie. _MG_0750.CR2Some of the people that talks about Bernie and Marjorie is actually towns people from Carthage, and this does give some insight to what happened. This does lead to a bit of confusion as it looks like, they got the most nosiest towns folk to come gossip, and we all know the extra legs and ears gossip picks up.Bernie_10_12_0111.CR2Overall this is an enjoyable movie. Performance from the actors is memorable and the music I must say is catchy, there was some places that I had to rewind as I was singing along and missed some of the movie.  This is your local Mad Scientist signing out…..

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