Beginners Guide to Anime

Introduction to Anime:

Anime isn’t the easiest entertainment-genre to get into, with its many different series, styles and opinions floating around on the Internet. Finding a decent Anime to dive into, or even just finding an Anime series that everyone can agree on, can seem like it is nearly impossible.

This is why I have taken the time to write this; ‘Beginners Guide to Anime‘, as I myself have be watching Anime and collecting it for over 9 years. Even back then, it was extremely hard to choose the right Anime or to even find Anime as there was a lack of knowledge and media coverage at the time. But we now live in a Golden-Age of technology; making it a lot easier to find Anime on the Internet and in stores. Cruchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, Netflix and Daisuki are some of the best places to find Anime to watch and you can view it directly from the internet, Apple TV and Roku.

When it comes to Anime there is a lot to understand between the different kinds of Anime available and let me tell you all, there is a huge range of Anime to choose from and one needs a starting point.

If you start off with the wrong kind of Anime, it might put you off Anime completely, or you might not even understand the culture portrayed in it, as Anime has a lot of Japanese and Chinese Culture integrated into it. I have had some Anime which I could not get into or even understand, but there is a lot of great Anime available now, so obtaining that odd Anime that you might not like, is rare.

Now, the aim of this guide is to help those who want to start watching Anime. You may have no idea where to start, but do not fret, this guide will point you in the right direction, as Anime opens up a totally difference entertainment experience. It is nothing like the live-action movies or live-action TV shows that is commonly watched. Anime provokes more emotional feelings as it draws you into the story-line. You will find yourself building strong emotional ties with the characters. Some of the Anime shows tend to be light, funny and hold a kind of innocence with a little romance. It is important to understand the different Anime genres available, so here is a bit of information to help you, the beginners, to get stared.

I have provided a list at the end of this article of my top 15 Animes to watch. These are some of the best Animes available, some of you might find my choices helpful and some you might not totally agree with, but this is the list I have made. It is only a guide line to help and aid people, giving them an easily directional guide to getting started into Anime. I would like all my readers to take the time reading the information below to get a bit familiar with some of the terms and words used when discussing and debating about Anime, as it can become extremely confusing to understand or to even follow.

Anime (ah-knee-may): This word is a distortion from the English word “animation”. Anime, is the preferred word for Japanese animated shows (cartoons hard drawn or computer animation).

The Common Genres Regarding Anime:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Shounen (aimed at young boys with sports, action, and other events)
  • Hentai (adult Anime pornography)
  • Harem (romance with one boy and multiple girls)
  • Reverse Harem (romance with one girl, multiple boys)
  • Yaoi (boy on boy love, more innocent than hentai)
  • Yuri (girl on girl love, more innocent than hentai)
  • So, it is important to understand what type of Anime is available and if you are not careful around your choices, you can end up having the wrong type of Anime that you were expecting.

Different Information Regarding Anime:

OVA – (Original Video Animation) This content which is usually extra material for a show, after the original ending of the show, it might be a once off show that is not released theatrically or on TV. This is regarded as an extra bonus feature/episode or episodes.

ONA – (Original Net Animation) The content that is usually a short-form series; experimentation is seen much more often than in the regular length shows.

AMV/MAD – (Anime Music Video/Music Anime Douga) The word Douga is Japanese for Video) The Music Videos showcasing scenes of one or multiple shows with music in the backdrop.

Sub – The subtitle track of an Anime Throughout watching the show, subbed refers to watching it with the original audio dialogue, which is usually in Japanese, which comes with the translation from Japanese to English subtitles.

Dub – The audio track of an Anime Throughout watching the show, dubbed refers to watching the show with the recorded English or another language version, over the Japanese dialogue audio.

All Drawn – An Anime that uses entirely hand-drawn frame animation cells.

All CG – (Computer Graphics) – An Anime that uses entirely computer generated animation.

Mix – Anime that uses a combination of hand-drawn and CG frames.

Also one needs to keep in mind that Anime is ‘drawn’ in different variations from artist to artist, which might put some individuals off from watching, but there are some Animes that are just breath-taking, and the colours used will blow your mind. Not only that, some of the story-lines will glue you to the screen and make it hard to turn off, as you do not want to stop watching. Each Anime episode has an extreme pinnacle point, and one you may be obligated to continue watching so that you can see what happens next. I have spent a whole day and night watching a single Anime show, this is how some Anime stories entrap you into it, and you just cannot get enough. You have to watch more and more and more…

My Top 15 Starting-Beginners Anime Shows:

Here are the 15 Anime that you should start off with, to help you get into watching Anime. Hopefully this list will aid all of you in the right direction, and help you grow your own collection of Anime.

1.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

2.Attack on Titan

3.Sword Art Online

4.Tokyo Ghoul

5.Kill La Kill

6.Death Note

7.Neon Genesis Evangelion

8.Black Lagoon

9.Cowboy Bebop




13.Blue Exorcist

14.High School of the Dead

15.Soul Eater

Additional information about the listed Anime above can be found on the Internet at

Anime is an experience on a whole different level of entertainment and some people may or may not appreciate the hard effort put into the work. The main point that I am trying to get across is that Anime is not for everyone and some are going to love it and others are not.

For my conclusion, Anime is a unique choice of entertainment and only a small amount of people absolutely love it and others will regard it as childish. Given that as it may be, Anime is a lot more than it is made out to be and will open up a new world of enjoyment and leave you in amazement and the wanting to see more Anime.

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