Battlefield V: The Dreaded Review

So much led up to the release of the latest installment of the Battlefield series, did any of this effect the title in a negative way…or even a positive way?   If we look at the Battlefield series, there have many highs and fewer lows, some of my favourite high…

The Crit

Story (Progression Based) - 74%
Graphics - 90%
Audio - 100%
Gameplay - 74%
Replayability - 80%


Worth It!

User Rating: 3.73 ( 2 votes)

So much led up to the release of the latest installment of the Battlefield series, did any of this effect the title in a negative way…or even a positive way?


If we look at the Battlefield series, there have many highs and fewer lows, some of my favourite high school memories were spent in hostel in front of the PC playing Battlefield 2. I’m sure we all have some great memories of the Battlefield series at some point in our lives. This year saw the rise of Battlefield 5, which was quickly followed by tons of controversies within the media; EAs stock took a knock and much more as a result, should this effect my review? Nope, so this is my unbiased review of the Battlefield 5 as a whole.



I decided this year I’d really give time and effort into Battlefield 5 before I even start writing my review. There are so many different elements to this game and there are so many more to come, including Battlefield Battle Royale coming early next year. Getting the feel for the game was easy, good old fashioned Battlefield! Recently, I have been playing a lot more Call of Duty and when I went back, it took me a good 5 or 6 rounds of getting absolutely annihilated before releasing there was more brain to Battlefield and I needed to hone in on the strategic side of FPS again.


The game still plays as smooth as ever, with the controls being same old same old, with the great addition of customizing your button layouts in game! Jumping from Vehicle to vehicle was slightly disappointing though, each vehicle felt unresponsive and clunky, the movements were slow and delayed, not to mention entering and exiting them felt like a good 2 or 3 seconds before it actually responded (13ms ping did not contribute to this). This is genuinely my only concern in the entire game, the characters played really well, the environment interacts were superb, and last but not least, the support players were still useless.


Menus and Game Modes

EA really neatened up their interface with simplified and beautiful new menus, easy to navigate and find what it is you want. The clean cut menus leads you to another place we all love, the Multiplayer Game Modes! There are many that are current with more still to come, currently we have Breakthrough, Conquest, Conquest Assault, Grand Operations (Airborne & Final Stand), Domination, Frontlines, and Team Deathmatch with Rush Combined Arms, and Firestorm coming post-launch). All these game modes are familiar to the regular Battlefield player, with the newer game modes releasing soon, which I look forward to playing! Single Player is also a thing in this game just by the way, if you want I mean you could check it out, it’s probably fun if it’s anything like Multiplayer.


Design and Visuals

Aesthetics are everything nowadays. If your game doesn’t look the part it gets left behind. So considering the nature of the game and its high impact action gameplay, does this game stick out to the rest? I would say yes. Visually this is the most pleasing games of it’s kind of the year. The clean and crisp finishes to everything, just literally everything, is insanely perfect! The level of detail you see in the environment is phenomenal, considering almost everything is destructible. The details in the bullet holes, crushed crates, broken rocks, banged up doors, cracked trees are just plain incredible, I love just playing this game to watch it! Simply Beautiful!


Sound and Audio

Need I say anything? This is Battlefield people and they did not disappoint yet again with their clear cut audio precision and attention to detail! I used both 7.1 and normal stereo headsets to play and the differences were noticeable but not enough to change my gameplay. I could still pick up fights around me, where that pesky sniper was shooting from, and where that tank was coming from, and all this while in the middle of an all our war and push. The music is still brilliant and theme orientated, choices have never been a letdown in the sound department over at EA and Battlefield!



Overall, all presumptions aside, this game was a rounding success in its final released form in my opinion. The game is clean and as finished as an AAA title needs to be on release. The devs did a real great job with this game, they really put all in and I think Battlefield 5 takes the title for FPS of the Year for me. Would I pay the premium of R999 for the title, yeah, yeah I would.


Additional Information

Reviewed on: Playstation 4
Available on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
Genre: Action, First Person Shooter
Age Rating: Pegi 18
Publisher/Developer: EA DICE, Criterion Software
Estimated RRP: R999
Release Date: 20 November 2018


  • Beautiful Design
  • Clear and Cut, Simple
  • Fun with Friends


  • Vehicle Gameplay

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