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Ladies, gentlemen, beasts of all horn sizes, and people of all ear shapes, the time has come. We are the few, the chosen, the ones who will resolve this conflict. The universe is in grave danger. As you know, the last of the stars, Solus, is facing the…

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Ladies, gentlemen, beasts of all horn sizes, and people of all ear shapes, the time has come. We are the few, the chosen, the ones who will resolve this conflict. The universe is in grave danger. As you know, the last of the stars, Solus, is facing the threat of destruction by our enemy, Rendain. His left arm may be smaller than his right, but the threat he brings is far more important than any innuendo we can think up. It’s up to us, the great Battleborn, to save Solus, and defeat Rendain. The stakes are high, but our mission is simple, and we’re damn good at blowing stuff up! Let’s get out there and show them what we’ve got!

The wait is long over, Battleborn is finally here. I remember the talk of a new game being created by the developers of Borderlands. Intrigued, I tried watching the trailer, but I was unsuccessful due to the ISP issues at the time. A few months later, while playing Borderlands 2, I received an e-mail from Gearbox, containing the details of an upcoming Open Beta period, and my excitement grew. Even then I was not fully aware of the awesomeness that was going to be thrown at me.

The game has improved much since the Open Beta. A mobile game which links to your SHiFT account was released along with the official title, called Battleborn Tap (iOS, Android). Be warned however, the game is majorly fun and addictive! By playing the mobile game, you are able to unlock the Golden Orendi skin for the official game by logging in to your account via both platforms. I was not disappointed. The gold only adds to my crazy partner’s charm.

Catch my Open Beta Let’s Play and Overview here.

For those of you not entirely certain about what Battleborn is about; Battleborn is a futuristic hero-shooter, set on different planets in the universe. You can choose to play as 25 different characters, who are known as the Battleborn, an uneasy alliance of intergalactic heroes from five different factions who have come together to rid the universe of Rendain, who is trying to destroy the universe for his selfish desires. The game can be played solo, with 5-player co-op online, and even 2-player split-screen local co-op. The possibilities for the 2-player co-op is not limited to one system however. Two different pair of split-screen players can party up to a 5th player’s lobby online through matchmaking. This possibility extends to all Game modes. (Except for the compulsory single player Prologue mission)

What is this about a compulsory single player mission? Glad you asked. It’s nothing major. I think it was a clever idea on Gearbox and 2K’s part to make the first level you play, a method for teaching you the core mechanics of the controls as well as introducing you to the story and it’s setting, as well as a few of the character’s and their personalities. As you enter the Main Menu screen, you are greeted (non-verbally) by the character you will be playing as in the Prologue mission on the Selection screen. All other Game Mode options (save for the Extras and Settings options) have been faded out and “locked”, and can only be unlocked once you have completed the Prologue.
After this, any character you play as in any of the game modes will be displayed on the Main Menu as your previously played character when choosing a new game mode or when opting to “browse” your command.

You can then choose to play the Story Mode (Either Online Co-op, Private, or Splitscreen), or Competitive Matches, which are 5v5 matches played either online or privately against bots, where Split-screen is also possible. During matches, you need to complete the objectives that are given. You get a Minimap too, which is always very useful for situational awareness, and helps locate objectives and seeing where the enemies are laying in wait or the speed with which they are advancing upon you. Be sure to collect shards by destroying small and large Shard clusters, in order to build tactical structures like turrets to help meet your objectives, as well as to activate your gear in your Loadout.

When you open the Command Menu, you will be able to explore the Battleborn characters you have unlocked and still need to unlock. After the Prologue mission, you will have 7 characters unlocked and ready to play as, while the rest can be unlocked through Story missions or Online Competitive missions, by leveling up or finishing unique challenges. You will also be able to view your Stats in the Career tab to get details of the previous missions you have played with in-depth experience stat details and your Command rank. You can even check out Challenges to view and select challenges which will allow you to unlock character and get bonux XP or other rewards, and the Titles Tab will allow you to view and select over 100 different titles you can earn by completing different challenges. You can then move over to the Gear and Marketplace Tabs where you use in-game “credits” to buy and unlock loot packs to gain items for improving your character’s “Loadout”. The gear are classified, as usual and in order, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. You can use 3 items per loadout, and during any game mode, you can “Activate” items in a chosen Loadout by using enough shards picked up in the course of the match/level.

Battleborn is fun in galactic proportions. The humour is brilliant, which is to be expected from the creators of Borderlands. This game has not failed in providing entertainment and challenges. The game mechanics are simple, and very effective. I can only imagine where the game will go from here. If you are considering getting the game, be sure to get the Season Pass as well, as DLC is in the works already for 5 new and unique characters, story missions, and more. Battleborn has my winning vote!

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Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PC (Windows), PS4, XBox One
Online Multiplayer FPS
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Gearbox Software, 2K Games
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Release Date:
3 May 2016

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