Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman Trailer

Batman V Superman’s Trailer Launched today and is coming to the big screen next year March.

There has been a lot of debates about this movie, the biggest probably being Ben Affleck taking on the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. DC is trying to achieve what Marvel has done with their Cinematic Universe and I applaud DC for trying but it is going to be a difficult to achieve this task, They already have successful movies before trying to combine the universes and this might cause some confusion among people.

I have to say though that after seeing this trailer I am excited for the movie. Although there are a few things I do not agree with and think they should change, I would still go and see this at the big screen. Check out the Trailer below:

It’s a very exciting time that we live in, to see all our Favourite Heroes come to life. What do you think of Batman V Superman?

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