Batman Arkham Knight

Long rumored whispers in a shroud of darkness speak of the return of the Knight. With the recent release and success of Batman Arkham Origins many knew the tale was far from over, but no one expected to see a new Arkham title within the next two years. Little did we all know that Warner Bros Entertainment and DC have already made moves to capitalize on the franchise. That’s not all, Rocksteady are back and boy, do they mean business.



Arkham Knight is set to take place a year after the events on Arkham City. We will see Two-Face, The Penguin and Harley Quinn all confirmed by the trailer but who will fill the role of the Arch-Villain now that the Joker is gone? Yes, there is more to Batman than the Joker. Batman has as many villains as he does gadgets but the entire Arkham series was based on the dance between the Joker and Batman. Thankfully we won’t have one of those poor plot points where the villain’s death was faked but he was alive all along. Instead, we will see the mark that Rocksteady and the Arkham series will leave on the Batman franchise as they introduce an entirely new villain: “Arkham Knight”. We can also look forward to finally utilizing a Batmobile! Yes! No longer will you have to look for those tall buildings and glide from rooftop to rooftop – Rocksteady plan to have you riding in style. Not only will you be using this Batmobile to travel from point A to B, but you will have the full Batmobile arsenal at our finger tips.



There’s been no mention as to which of the Batman’s allies we’ll see, or if we will even be able to assume their roles for a short period in the game. It has been confirmed that there will be no multi-player, and Rocksteady will focus on the single-player aspect, that made the Arkham series so addictive.



For the first time ever in an Arkham title we will have the pleasure of playing as the Harley Quinn, this DLC comes free for those who pre-order. Although I am curious about the collector’s edition, unfortunately nothing has been officially announced.

Batman Arkham Knight is set to release late 2014 and will be available on PS4, Xbox1 and PC. That’s not all – we also have the animated film, Batman Assualt on Arkham, headed our way later this year. Not much information about this film has been released. Will it lead straight into Arkham Knight or will it be the aftermath of the events of the game?  We will keep you posted.

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