Asus Z87-Plus Unboxing

When opening this box beware of the Beast that lays waiting and snarling at you. This board will bite back, lets see what it entails.



The Z87-Plus has a beautiful design with a great Black & Gold colour scheme. If you had to compare it to luxury sport cars then this will definitely fall into the Italian designs where dreams are made. Everywhere you look on the board, buttons ports and slots will stare back at you ready to be utilized.



Now let’s look at some of the great features this board offer. The first thing you will notice are the big signs on the board boasting about “Dual Intelligent Processors 4 with 4-Way Optimization” and many of you will not know what this means, this basically means that you control how your motherboard works more efficiently:

  • Precise DIGI+ Power control for Intel 4th Generation Core CPUs
  • Customized fan control for the perfect cool and quiet balance
  • CPU performance boost (Like Nitros)
  • All-round energy efficiency

The 4-Way Optimization will also automatically detect the best way to configure these options to the way that you use your PC, this is especially nice for people that don’t really want to mess around with settings they do not understand

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Here is more info found on the Asus website on how you can fine tune the board

  • Performance: unlock CPU/iGPU performance with the TPU
  • Efficiency: achieve whole system energy efficiency by reducing power consumption and power off extra I/O controllers
  • Leading digital power: real-time management of CPU-input voltage regulator via DIGI+ Power Control
  • Customized fan control: detailed supervision of every installed fan improves cooling and reduces noise with Fan Xpert 2


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Image taken from:

These are some really nice settings that you will be able to play with but seeing as this is only an unboxing we will not go further into these.

When examining the board more closely you will see some buttons on the board and this is becoming a more frequent thing for manufacturers. The first button is the power button and it does exactly what you think it does. It powers the board or PC on, this is extremely helpful but more for troubleshooting and testing purposes than anything else. Next up is the MemOK! Button from what I’ve read this button will reset your RAM configuration and runs a test to see if everything is in good order. Next is the USB BIOS Flashback button which I guess is for restoring a backup BIOS from a flash drive. At last we get to the most interesting button, the DirectKey Button when this button is pressed the board/PC will boot up straight into the BIOS instead of hammering the DEL key on your keyboard!

There are still loads of great features of this board like the Mini Display Port being able to handle 3 Full HD Screens on a single output but will have to be further examined when powered on, make sure to head over to The Asus website to see just what more is on offer.


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