ASUS ROG STRIX 1660TI OC Gaming GPU Review

With the 10 series soon to be phased out(the only card that you can get at the moment new from the series is a 1030) and not everybody yet sold on RTX cards there must be a middle child card, enter the 16 series cards. Today we are having a…

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With the 10 series soon to be phased out(the only card that you can get at the moment new from the series is a 1030) and not everybody yet sold on RTX cards there must be a middle child card, enter the 16 series cards.

Today we are having a look ASUS ROG’s STRIX 1660TI OC Gaming card. Compared to its competitors, it is a slightly beefier card. Instead of the 2 fan design most companies use, the ASUS ROG team decided to go with 3 fans. This does give you some extra cooling. As always you can expect some proprietary tech built into the ROG STRIX range. From a dual bios mode(which you can activate by flipping a small switch on the card itself) to ASUS’s Auto-Extreme Tech. For me, another great feature that is in almost all the new generation cards is the extra brace support. This helps the card stay straight and stops sag…almost like a wonder bra for GPU’s. I also like the all-black design with a hint of grey ROG logo on the backplate. The Aura RGB lights are also too intrusive in the design and fit just right in.

As always the ASUS ROG STRIX 1660TI also comes with Aura Sync and FanConnect II. It also has ASUS trusted 0dB fan tech as well. I must say that the card is not a noisy card even when pushed. The 16 series is based on Turing tech so with the new Nvidia drivers you can try your hand at using some Ray Tracing in your games…..but I won’t recommend it as you would only get about 9FPS out of the card. I even tried 3DMark’s Port Royal(just for kicks) and over 3-4 test runs it averaged out to 8FPS. Now the reason why you bought a 1660TI is not for raytracing, but normal gaming(1080P/1440P).

In almost all my games I played I got an average between 86-90FPS(I playtested in Battlefield V, Middle Earth Shadow of War, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus EX Mankind Divided). Even games like League of Legends and DOTA2 you can get some FPS improvement.

I also want to stop a bit and talk about the included 3rd party software(yes the ones that most guys don’t install) and that is the Quantumcloud AI Software. Now, this is not a software that is exclusive to ASUS as you can use almost any GPU to mine. This is a bit limited in what GPU’s you can use, so no luck for you if you have a 970. So what is Quantumcloud AI, well it’s a type of cryptocurrency. Basically, your idle GPU(especially if you keep your PC on in the day when you at work) gets to mine Quantum Dots. When I ran the software(and its a real breeze installing it) it estimated that I would be able in a 24hour period be able to mine 10,267 dots(about 10K less than there estimated example). But why would you want to do it, there were all these bad vibes with GPU based mining. Well, I didn’t pick up any big fluctuations in my Electrical bill and it’s a bit of cash that you can make(not a lot). I think at 100K dots you get about $10 out of the whole deal and in SA Rand terms over a month or 3, you will have enough cash for that new game preorder(win-win in my books). The software also doesn’t pull a lot of system resources when it runs.

Overall I am really pleased with the ASUS ROG STRIX 1660TI 6G OC Gaming card. It gives you more or less the same performance as in 1060GTX. The only slight set back would be that for an R1500 you can get a 2060RTX, but this is for the gamer that is not looking for Raytracing and wants the bang for there buck. This card is made for 1080P/1440P gaming and you would not be disappointed. This is your local mad scientist signing out…I really need to start upgrading my rig at home…

  • Price: R6,599.00 @Wootware
  • Interface: 2x HDMI 2.0b, 2c DisplayPort 1.4
  • Likes:
  • Love the look and feel of the card
  • Great performance for 1080P gaming
  • Dislikes:
  • For a bit more you can get a 20 series card

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