ASUS ROG Falchion Review

So you have a problem that you don’t have enough space on your desk for a full-size keyboard? Well ASUS can sort you out, enter the ASUS ROG Falchion 65% wireless gaming keyboard. This minimalist keyboard comes in at only 520g and a size of 30.5cm x 10.1cm x 3.85cm, its basically half an A4 paper size keyboard!

The ASUS ROG Falchion is the first ROG keyboard that features wireless Aura Sync tech and to top it all of it has per key RGB Lighting(so you can really go mad in the Asus Armory software). When I first got the Falchion, it took my a while to get used to the size of the keyboard(as I am currently using a fully size gaming keyboard). While getting used to it I discovered(look who never read op on the keyboard) that the ROG Falchion features a touch bar on the left side of the keyboard(no wonder my volume kept going up or down)! This for me is a really cool feature, as you can also use it for other functions(thanks again to the Asus Armory crate software) like as a macro key or setting up mundane tasks. The touch bar also features as a Battery indicator.

After I got used to the smaller size, it was a real breeze to use the keyboard. I did have one or two mistakes that crept in but that is because of my thick fingers. Seeing that the Asus ROG Falchion is a wireless keyboard I can say that the battery life on the Falchion is exceptionally good! I only had to charge it once in my time I had the keyboard, this was also with the RGB running and playing games. The ROG Falchion features a battery that according to Asus can last up to 450 hours on a single charge(they do note that this is you not running the RGB lighting)!
ASUS ROG Falchion
The Asus ROG Falchion also has a nice cover that you can put on top or below the keyboard, this is a nice aesthetic and helps if you not using the keyboard the whole time(or if you like me and ready to many papers….). On the back of the keyboard you also have a nice hidey-hole(yessss I know its not a real technical term) for the wireless receiver for the Falchion for when you charging the keyboard or moving it.

Overall I was really happy with the keyboard, it did take some getting used to but afterwords was a dream to use. I do feel that this keyboard(in my opinion) is aimed more for living room gaming pc’s(aka Mini-itx or NUC’s) than for your average gamer. The only other thing that can be a problem is that the Asus ROG Falchion is really expensive, coming in at about R2600+-(depending where you buy it from). But for the features that you are getting and the size can be worth it.

Raru: R2624
Wootware: R2684


  • Touch Panel for Volume on it's side
  • Cherry-MX Red RGB Switches
  • Wireless + Fairly Long Battery Life
  • Awesome design


  • Expensive


Value For Money - 7
Features - 8
Looks - 8.5

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