ASUS ROG Delta S Review

The ROG Delta Range of headphones from Asus have been around for a few years already, each year with a refreshed or higher-end version of the last model.

In 2021 they now have brought out the ROG Delta S, And wow do these look and feel absolutely amazing! They’re Stylish, Come with RGB Lighting Support and even a Soundwave lighting effect that picks up on the mic, and of course, they have my favourite Logo on them, The Asus ROG Logo.

The Asus ROG Delta S now comes with a High-Resolution Quad DAC AND MQA Technology that brings out sound like never before. It has 50mm Neodymium Magnet drivers built into the earcups that sport 7.1 virtual surround sound audio.

These are basically an audiophile’s dream come true. The Quad DAC Tech processes four different tone ranges all separately. This does a fantastic job for anything from listening to MQA Audio on a service like Tidal to letting you feel like you’re physically in a game of Battlefield or Call Of Duty or even an FPS RPG Like Outriders. The headset handles the balance of Dialogue and background noises perfectly, you never struggle to focus as is the case with lower-end headsets where all the sound kind of comes out altogether.

The Detachable unidirectional Mic makes both playing games, chatting on discord and even teams sound really good, with the background AI Noise cancellation working amazingly in this. I tested out the Noise cancellation with a colleague of mine in a Teams meeting with music playing in the background and the only thing he could hear was my speech over the mic. I found this absolutely amazing even compared to my daily drivers the Logitech G933’s.

Besides the amazing sound quality the headset has, The comfort is also really good. The Delta S are very comfortable to wear over extended periods of time, They’re super lightweight, have more than enough padding over both sets of ear cups included and there’s hardly any clamping from the headset band.


The headset uses the Asus Armoury Crate Software for all tweaking and EQ modifications. In the software, you can configure everything from bass boost and voice clarity to noise cancellation and even the colour customization options. As most of my setup is ROG Based i found it great that i didnt have to install any additional software just to tweak the headset. Its USB-C connector allows you to play on your PC and then jump to your gaming console or mobile device without having to change headsets.

In terms of pricing, our Local Asus South Africa Rep has let us know that when these do hit the market they’ll retail for around R4800.

This does put it in the same range as a high-end gaming headset currently, however for the features that this headset does give you – The MQA Support, 7.1 Surround Sound and even the Quad DAC. That makes it a really competitive headset for the price. In my opinion, the only thing this headset still needs is wireless support.

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