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You know that moment of calm before a wave crashes to the shore? When you have a moment to prepare and take a deep breath – Well Artificial Extinction gives you about 60 seconds of that. In this first person tower defense game you try and create a new home on a different planet with a ship that constantly runs out of fuel and makes you land in various precarious places with murderous and all adaptive AI robots. And on top of that you have 9 days, each being a different level, before your family arrives and you need to have made this planet habitable.

When you land in each of these different locations you set up your turrets and start
mining for 3 core resources while the enemy throws everything they have at you, they are constantly adapting and so are you – with a little drone friend helping you to establish some dominance.

All that being said it has a very generic look and feel and after a few levels it loses some of its charm and the robots feel like reskinned versions of each other with little story to speak of. The movement also feels quite clunky and compared to the fast pace of the game you do end up feeling quite slow. What I loved about this game is the one man dev team and just the whole idea of a first person TD is incredibly appealing, the fact that they seem committed to improving and continuously building the game also presents as a huge positive and on sale its definitely not a bad buy for when you just want to pass some time and feel like trying something different.



Story - 3
Graphics - 7
Audio - 7
Gameplay - 6
Replayability - 5

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