The Mandalorian Season 3 – Special Event Screening hosted by DisneyPlusZA

GES was honored to work with Disney Africa and DisneyPlusZA the last few weeks with a cosplay competition! Where the biggest Star Wars fans entered with Star Wars cosplays to stand the chance to win tickets to the Special Event Screening of the season finale of The Mandalorian, and we are excited to say that the South African fans come to shin with us getting some stunning and epic entries.

Those who won then got to enjoy a fantastic night and event at The Zone @ Rosebank hosted by Disney Africa, Openfield Marketing, Olive & Patters, Ster Kinekor, and of course the talented Bunny Majaja from Hot 102.7ย FM. The event started at 18;00 when we all descended to Parking level 3 in the basement which gave you the feeling of finding one of the Manalorain hideouts! Once the lift doors opened you were exported into a different world, and even though the event was hosted in a parking garage it did not feel like one. The organizers had gone all out with lighting, carpets, smoke machines, two open bars, DJs, and immersive expertise for everyone to enjoy and take part in.

Once you had been signed in you got to walk down the red carpet where media houses had been positioned to take pictures of all the guests and to do interviews. With the most sort after guest being Mando himself who had made an appearance! After that guests could make their way to the open bars to get refreshments and receive their food boxes for the night, which were all Mando themed with the food being themed to Mando (all of which was delicious), they even had sand from Tatooine in the, which they made sure did not touch the food. The only complaint with regards to the food is not of the boxes were designed for specific dietary requirements, even though on the RSVP you could state if you had any.

Once you had eaten your fill you could go enjoy all the immersion events that had been set up for the guests, with the first having to be the throne! Where guests could go and take pictures on the throne, Next to the throne, you were transported to Maldo Kreis where they had ice machines and smoke machines set up to give you the feeling you were on the planet.

Just Plain Chris as Han Solo

After Maldo Kreis you got to see the best part of the event in my personal opinion. An interactive and real-life Grogu, who moved, used the force, and was just the most adorable creature I have ever seen! I am not going to lie I was so tempted to steal him! Next, to Grogu was an AR video booth where guests got to use the force themselves. The last activity for guests could enjoy was a temporary tattoo parlor. Where you could pick from 3 designs, the Mandos crest, the New Republic symbol, and the symbol of the empire.

After the immersion event, guests were taken up to Ster Kinekor where each guest received a goodie bag with a Grogu mug in it for you to remember the event. Once we got up the cinema guests got to partake in a quiz with the winners winning some more Star Wars goodies. After which we all got to expertise the last episode of season 3 and the massive world-building it offered!

All in all, it was a fun event and all those involved put their hearts into it, as with any Disney Africa and DisneyPlusZA event that has been hosted here. I look forward to the next one!

Video by What’s Popping! with Bruce Crossey

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