Arboria Review

Arboria is a Troll Roguelite, third-person RPG where you become Yotun Warriors, explore the deep dungeons to find what you believe to be the reason behind all the madness, the hat. While doing all of this you would have to defeat various creatures and heal the Father’s roots to gain favour with the Gods to help you with your next attempt in conquering the dungeons.

To answer the question, I am sure everyone has, yes you will die multiple times, and yes you have to start from the beginning every time. But dying will give the Godz a chance to judge your Yotun warrior with his deeds, if he has done enough to please the Gods and heal the father tree’s roots you will be given various benefits and attributes to either increase or unlock for your warriors, so dying is essential to completing the game, and do not worry, your fallen Yotun Warriors will be able to watch your progress further as a plant in a glass jar by the graveyard.

Upon entering the dungeon, you will have the ability to equip a basic loadout similar to the one you had before dying with the previous warrior. As you journey through the dungeon you will reach shrines where you can pray to the father to restore your HP, you will find different mutations for both your primary and secondary weapon, including different elements which you would be able to infuse with your weapons and armour to assist you with beating the opponents, you will have various type of weapons from fast attacking swords to slow attacking, but high damage hammers as weapons, where your secondary weapon could range from an AOE type damage to a short teleport type weapon, for Armor there is the basic classes of Heavy, Medium and Light, but do not assume that Leather could only be medium or light armour.

You will find dead Warriors in these dungeons that you were not in control of, but beware and be ready to fight for your life, yes their armour and weapons make it worth the risk IF you survive it, once you attempt to remove the warrior’s items, creatures smell the fresh warrior’s blood, causing even stronger opponents to come after you which you would have to defeat to get the items from the passed warrior.

You will reach save havens in between the missions to learn a bit more about the story and give your Warrior a buff to help him go further into the dungeon, you will also see that each Warrior has either good points or bad points, ranging from increased damage when facing more than one enemy, to colour blindness, but do not let the weaknesses stop you from using the warrior, as in my case I managed to get the furthest with a colour blind Warrior that hears random noises as his defects.

Final Thoughts: An enjoyable and frustrating game where you could do amazing in a single run, and the next run not even come close to where you were in the previous run, I enjoyed the fact that the strength and weaknesses of each warrior does not affect the game so severely that you feel you are at a clear disadvantage, it was a refreshing experience being able to witness the weaknesses of the warriors such as paranoia and blindness as it gives it a more personal feeling towards you being the Warrior himself


  • Game does not feel the same even if you have to do the same stage over
  • Graphics and Audio changes with the weaknesses if it should effect any of these
  • Game is not too difficult for one to enjoy over and over again


  • Certain weapons are harder then others to aim
  • Some players might of preferred having a quick save option to return to if they die


Story - 7.8
Graphics - 8.8
Audio - 9.1
Gameplay - 8.2
Replayability - 9.7
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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