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Probably the most anticipated game of the year, for 2 main reasons: Bioware needed to redeem themselves from the Andromeda mess and EAs involvement raised many question by consumers. So did Anthem live up to the hype or was it the failure that the pessimists were predicting? Imagine Ironman and…
Story - 86%
Graphics - 90%
Audio - 91%
Gameplay - 99%
Replayability - 92%


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Probably the most anticipated game of the year, for 2 main reasons: Bioware needed to redeem themselves from the Andromeda mess and EAs involvement raised many question by consumers. So did Anthem live up to the hype or was it the failure that the pessimists were predicting?

Imagine Ironman and Destiny had a baby and then they named it Anthem, that’s exactly what it feels like playing Anthem. The game is based around the Heart of Rage, a historical war that changed the shape of the world and the players you come to interact with. You, as an unnamed player, go on your first mission at the Heart of Rage where you pilot your first Javelin. A Javelin is essentially a mercenary exosuit designed to protect the people from the Dominion, the race from beyond the city wall that attacks the city and so have you, The Heart of Rage.

The Story. We are currently living (playing) in a post war time where we took a lot of losses and are just now starting to recover and get back on our feet, the bastions around the planet that we are on are all disconnected and we are helping to fix that, there is so much rich story in Tarsis alone from (spoilers) the old lady with dementia who lost her son in the war and now thinks you are her missing son, from the couple who’s partner is actually an under cover dominion agent trying to infiltrate our side. Every time u go out on a mission you aid in the repair of Tarsis changing its appearance over time, you help people build new businesses and get others working together all for the good of humanity. There are more then dominion you are fighting against, there are also scars and pretty much all wild life with the exception of Grabbits and these rhino things are trying to kill you. The main take from story so far is as follows, humans expanded out to another planes as we are trying to do, when we got there we had a mix of new technology and old technology we tried to start a new Civilisation in a rugged and unforgiving environment, then inevitably war broke out there were big losses across the board and certain fractions broke away starting their own movements and now we are simply trying to recover a life and a living we once knew.

When you jump into the tutorial gameplay, the first thing you notice is the stunning graphics and the clean finishes on the environment and textures. The game is nothing short of a visual masterpiece, however, even so there were still slight issues with rendering that I ran into; from the Javelins head not loading in to a rock in the mesh not being meshed correctly. Those issues were fixed in the first patch and I have had no issues ever since. The title is extremely graphics intensive and I manage a solid 80FPS on ultra with a GTX 1080 paired with a AMD R5 2600, however, I tried it on an AMD RX580 and played at 70 – 80fps on medium with major drops when in combat zones.

The game incorporates a classic looter shooter style gameplay with 3rd person team work ability based combat. The abilities are based around 4 Javelins, namely the Ranger, Storm, Interceptor and the Colossus. Each Javelin has their own unique abilities that can be combined to destroy even the toughest of enemies. Like most looter shooters, you can equip diff power leveled items that fall into the common, rare, epic and legendary categories. I did find that the loot wasn’t hard to get and it was pretty OP, starting the campaign on hard every contract or mission wasn’t even a problem on solo mode when you start to get half decent gear. The core of the game I believe is teamwork and using your abilities in sync to put out maximum damage and output, however, I felt like the loot system took away from the team aspect and gave player the opportunity to walk through missions solo. There is also a crafting system that exists but as part of the story I haven’t felt the need to use it at all because of the level of equipment and weapons that I am receiving from missions.

Gameplay is what Anthem is all about and probably the only reason people are playing this regurgitated nonsense. The combat is intense and engaging, the combos and moves are unique in its own way and both mouse and controller boast a particularly clever style of using these combos. The combat makes the grind through the story seem a little less tedious and even if you aren’t used to it, it makes the game a unique combat experience that gamers around the world will enjoy.

The verdict (Law and order dum dum). Currently I sit on a few hours of Anthem gameplay and I must be honest, developers are listening and patches have been rolling out for every issue that I’ve seen or heard about. I do, however, feel like Anthem has failed as a story based game and has succeeded more n the co-op RGP realm of things, every hour of my gameplay has been played with someone I know and communicate with, when 1 of us gets off for the night then we all jump off. The game has managed to make a loot shooter a cooperative experience, which is pretty cool but we were promised more. Bioware is listening and they are making changes, this is awesome, the game has a long way to go to become the game that we want and the game that we need. Something I didn’t mention in the above (on purpose) are the micro transactions, and here is why: THEY ARE COSMETIC, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BUY THEM THEN DO NOT BUY THEM AND GRIND YOUR WAY TO EARN IT.





R999 – R1499 (LoD Edition)

Microsoft PC, PS4, and XBox

13 DLVCl

Microsoft PC and PS4

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