Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Aliens Fireteam Elite is set in the iconic Alien Universe where the Xenomorphs are at it once again, you will be facing more than just the plain Xenomorphs which we are all familiar with and some of them are anything between irritating, to highly intelligent-looking to ambush or outsmart you and your fireteam.

This game is set as a third-person shooter with unique classes ranging from Doctor to Engineer, Demolisher, Recon and Gunner, You will not only be able to customize your weapons and attachments but your Marine as well, you will have 4 different scenarios each with their own storyline, you will have a different set of difficulties although having players or bots can mean the difference between Standard being easy or difficult.

A lot of people would think that Xeno’s aren’t a problem if you have a shotgun, and the answer is only yes to the normal ones, some of them you would rather not want to kill in close range as they explode leaving a pile of acid on the floor, others such as the armored Xeno’s you will be looking at 3 shotguns emptied in it to get it killed, not to mention the more cunning Xeno’s such as Monica.

Monica is a Xeno who was part of a test experiment by Dr Timothy Hoenikker, and the patient named Monica had a Xeno inside of her, she is an extremely intelligent Xeno who is not easy to kill as she ambushes you with a ton of hp, soon after attacking you she flees back into the vents, only to be seen again at a different stage, or perhaps the same stage.

You will also be receiving challenge cards in an online lobby to work as achievements and therefore reward you as such, there are hidden crates as well on each mission which will provide you with anything from weapons, to attachments, and weapon skins.

Some players might not enjoy the matchmaking, as you are only given roughly 3 minutes to find a match with other players before you get AI to assist you, and even though their aim is better than a Stormtrooper’s aim, their decision making remains something to be desired.

Final Thoughts: An enjoyable game with a high potential to keep one entertained for hours on end in online lobbies, and to assist in this you are provided with a big variety of Xeno’s as well as weapons, yet some players might feel that the controls in the main menu feel off, other players might also feel like the graphics could have been improved on given the other games releasing in this generation.


  • Low Matchmaking time due to the autofill with Bots
  • Guns and Marine can be customized
  • Don't need a lot of time to revive a teammate


  • Graphics feels outdated
  • Menu Controls are different then what one expects
  • Matchmaking with Bots might annoy some players


Story - 8.4
Graphics - 6.7
Audio - 8.6
Gameplay - 7.7
Replayability - 9.5
Lover of MOBAs and FPS type games, very competitive type player who enjoys games that also has some complexity added to them, would spend hours on end farming on a game such as Warframe, BDO, Elite Dangerous or any other game in that line.

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