Agent 2000 Die Laksman DVD Review

agent-2000Agent 2000 Die Laksman DVD Review – Who can still remember those terrible days of your Grade 8 (Standard 6) orientation? You were fresh out of primary school and ready to take on the high school with your brand new school uniform and bookcase but there were one major obstacle between you and the rest of your life – the Matrics and their own agenda. Now imagine all of that, and on top of it all, there is a school bully, only known as The Executioner, who is making your life a living hell. That is premise of Agent 2000 Die Laksman.

Randburg High School and its pupils are being terrorized by The Executioner, a ruthless bully who targets everybody and everyone and his attacks ranges from hanging the Grade 8’s by their feet from the rugby goal posts to handing out physical beat downs to whoever gets in his way. The school principal is told that he needs to sort out the bully once and for all, else he gets fired, and that’s when he enlists the help of South Africa’s own Bond Jnr, Agent 2000, or as he’s known to his family, Walter du Toit (Paul Loots).

Walter is not your average teenage boy. He is smart and tech savvy and he spends his days fighting crime and solving mysteries, so when he gets contracted by Randburg High School to apprehend the school bully, he gets confronted by the worst undercover operation ever – he must attend school, for the first time ever. And not only that, but he must enroll as a Grade 8 and endure orientation with the rest of the kids. Walter soon discovers that his target is just as skilled as he is, and he realizes that there are a lot more to deal with than just his mark. For the first time in his life he is surrounded by children his own age and he falls in love for the very first time but he soon realizes that his secret identity puts all of these new relationships in jeopardy. It is now a race to the end and it’s up to Walter to save both the high school from its bully as well as the newly formed friendships and relationships.STILL 01

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and so did my kids, of which one is in Grade 8 this year, just like Walter and his friends. We laughed out loud at the stuff that the Grade 8 pupils have to deal with and we felt sad for Walter when things started going downhill for him. The movie features a cool soundtrack full of the best of the local Afrikaans bands and the special effects were top notch, if you take into account that this movie is actually aimed at the younger viewers. I know I might be revealing my age by saying this but this movie made me think of a TV show that was on while we were young, Die Swart Kat. Obviously the writers have kept up with technology but at the heart it is the same story of a young boy who wants to do his part to fight crime and take care of the unwanted elements in our community.STILL 04

The movie also boasts a host of well known and loved South African actors. Shaleen Surtie Richards can be seen as the popular teacher Miss Schutte and Amalia Uys appears as the sexy, young teacher who gets attention for all the wrong reasons. The movie was directed by Stefan Nieuwoudt and it was produced by The Film Factory (Hoofmeisie, Superhelde and the Bakgat movies)

It’s not often that we see an Afrikaans movie catering especially for the younger crowd but Agent 2000 is pretty decent entertainment if you’re looking for something that is safe for the kids to watch without your supervision. There is no uncomfortable sexual innuendo or inappropriate behavior that seems to plague the Afrikaans movies and you can let your kids watch it and you can still do your own thing.

If you are still not convinced whether you should watch this movie, have a look at the trailer and see if its up your alley

There is also a very cool website where you can go read more about the movie and it’s young stars as well as some history and background to how the movie was developed etc. You can find them at

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