Age of Mythology Review

Ladies, do you feel like your other half is always sitting in front of the computer or playstation?
Do you feel bored and wonder if you should start joining in? Well then this is a great starter game for you. Age of mythology is a great strategy game where you can learn to use all your controls on the keyboard and mouse and to learn to defend your bases.

Age of myth as it is known, is a great game where you learn tactical advantage and how to control your fields of play. With this game comes an almost new appreciation for what your other half does when he/she is sitting and playing games all day long.

Age of myth is an exciting and if you will, addictive game to play. You learn all about Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology and some of those things can help you throughout the game. The graphics is good for an old game like this and you can play against other people too.

I enjoyed this game thoroughly and would not mind to play it again.

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