Acer Predator Range Impresses at rAge 2015

It is always exciting to see what new technology is on display at rAge, and this year was as good as each year if not better. Gert and I had the honor of meeting up with Paul Collins (Country Manager, Acer Africa) and Riaad Mangera (Product Business Unit Manager, Acer Africa) at the Rectron Stand to have a hands on presentation and interview about the “balistically” amazing Predator Range of gaming products that are about to hit our shores and shelves.

When asked about what they expected to gain from being at the Expo, Paul responded by saying, “rAge has been exceptionally exciting for us and is incredibly important to us, as it has given Acer the ideal opportunity to launch a bolted down Predator range to the republic of gamers in South Africa.”

Predator Family… Feel the groooooowl

He then went a little more in depth and explained that with the Predator range starting by a Tablet (8inch) and then progressing through with Notebooks (15 inch and 17 inch) and Desktop platforms, introducing their HD 4K Curved Gaming Monitor, plus the entry of Predator Phone in 2016, and lastly closely followed by a Predator Projector, there will no longer be any excuses to “not game”. Acer’s Predator range will cater for gamers with screens ranging from as small as 6 inches right through to 40 inches.

What this essentially means is that your hard earned cash opens up a whole new world on mobile gaming, allowing you to PWN anywhere, anytime, whether you are sitting on the Gautrain, on a plane or at a coffee shop in a mall. The inspiration for this new dynamic comes from Acer having their own Overseas eSport Team (See for more info), so they have not enered the market without having proper hands-on research done, it is clear that Acer is completely committed to gaming and have shifted their passion into overdrive with the Predator Range.

We asked about the different sizes and specs available from Acer for gamers, and whether the Predator Range was the only option for gaming enthusiasts, and Paul then mentioned that the V9 Pro Range caters for sector of gamers not looking for industrial or hardcore notebooks, and that the V9 Range has been supremely successful in the market not only for gamers, but corporate gaming enthusiasts. The main difference between the V9 Range and the Predator Range is that the Predator Range has a strong industrial design, very tribal in appearance with the aim at making a statement or to intimidate the competition. The Predator design also allows for the removal of the optical disk drive to add in a third fan to reduce the strain on the existing SSD and GPU by an additional 5 degrees!

Do you even lift bro?

The last question we asked was about the ability to use a Predator Range Notebook for Live-Streaming or Livecasting, especially seeing as we have just launched our Live Stream Channel on YouTube and Twitch.TV. I was mainly concerned about whether the Notebooks were able to play AAA+ titles at maximum resolution and quality, whilst streaming to an audience and lastly record the same footage to the SSD and have it all run smoothly. Riaad was very confident and proud to brag about the Predator range shipping with a “”Killer-shot”” double lan device, DDR4 Low voltage RAM, and a PCI Express SSD, Skylake Intel Processor and either an onboard GTX970M 3GB DDR5 (entry level) or GTX980M 4GB DDR5 GPU. He then went on to point out that the slimline notebooks just below the Predator Range ship with GPU’s up to a GTX960M. So to answer my question, it could handle the “punishment” very easily.

We then touched on pricing, and considering what you get for your money, the V9 Pro Range averages around the R13k mark, an Entry Level Predator for around R25k, and lastly the Top of Range Predators between R35k-40k. With all things considered, and comparing it to market competitors, these Predators are quite literally the perfect mixture and will give you the right bang for your cash! Predators have started shipping out now and will also be sold online from Mid November at leading retailers such as Incredible Connection and Dion Wired.

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