Acer Predator G6 gaming PC and Z35 gaming Monitor Review

In South Africa we don't get a lot of Name Brand Pre-built gaming PC's, well Acer has what you are looking for in their Predator range of Gaming PC's. We have a look at the Predator G6 pc and Z35 gaming monitor. Right off the bat, I can say that…

The Crit:

Value for Money - 70%
Quality - 86%
Look/Feel - 81%
Extra's/Features - 70%


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In South Africa we don’t get a lot of Name Brand Pre-built gaming PC’s, well Acer has what you are looking for in their Predator range of Gaming PC’s. We have a look at the Predator G6 pc and Z35 gaming monitor.
Right off the bat, I can say that the Predator G6 looks awesome! Combined that with the Predator Z35 gaming screen and you have a good setup. The Predator G6 comes with an Intel Core i7 6700K processor which gives you lots of computing power to run all the latest games at High settings, a bit of a letdown for me is that they included the Nvidia 980GTX(a good card), but for the price that you pay for the PC I was expecting a slightly newer card like the 1070GTX card.

The machine is user-upgradeable to a certain point, so you can always upgrade the GPU and RAM to higher spec. In regards to the RAM, the G6 that I reviewed came with 16gb of RAM. This is more than enough for all gaming needs. Overall the Machine was fast responsive and didn’t have too much bloatware installed on it.

The Predator Z35 screen is a massive screen! It took up nearly a quarter of my deskspace, luckily Acer made sure that you can plugin your USB devices in the screen with one USB 3 port even being a fast charging port. Controlling the screen is a breeze with physical buttons. The screen out of the box had a bit of a pinkies cast which I got sorted when we calibrated the screen. The Z35 has a VA panel and not a IPS panel like it’s bigger more expensive brother. This made it a bit wier sharing the screen as at angles it didn’t look right. A good thing that I do love of the Predator Z35 is that it includes Nvidia G-Sync technology, this helps your games play tear-free and look as smooth as butter.

Overall I was really pleased with the performance of both the Predator G6 and Z35, It might be a bit expensive for some gamers, but the fact that you can upgrade it your self-does give it a bit credit there. I would recommend this to gamers that have a bit of cash to spend and don’t want to build a PC from scratch. This Is your local mad scientist signing out…..Anybody for a kidney?

Additional Information : Price

Estimated RRP: R22000 for the Predator Z35
Estimated RRP: R36000 for the Predator G6

Tech Specs :

Predator Z35
Panel Size: 35 inches
Resolution: 2560×1080
Refresh Rate: 200Hz Nvidia G-Sync
Audio: DTS Sound, TrueHarmony, 2x 9W Speakers built-in
Input: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0(x4)
Response Time: 4ms

Tech Specs :

Predator G6
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K
Optical Drive: Blu-ray Writer
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX980 4GB
LAN: 1000mbps
OS: Windows 10


  • Love the fact that you have one massive PC to play the Latest Games!
  • FPS games Loves the curved screen and after a screen calibration, have some awesome colours
  • Nvidia G-Sync Baby!


  • Would have preferred at least a 1070GTX card instead of the 980GTX
  • Might be slightly out of reach for some gamers
  • Have to calibrate screen to get good colour renditions.
  • Viewing angles on the VA panel is not to good

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