Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

GES Thumb Up Award
GES Thumb Up Award

This sleek looking gadget is awesome in more ways than one.


This notebook is one of your top range work laptops but it has a few awesome features which can make one’s life a little easier. In the box you receive a leather pouch for easy carrying, a wireless Bluetooth mouse, HDMI & LAN extension cables and the charger. This is a lot more than you get with your average packages and I applaud Acer adding this.

The ultrabook houses a 3rd generation Core i7 CPU with a Intel HP Graphics 4000 chipset that supports full 1080p HD graphics.


In the past you would wish you can just tap your finger on the screen and your objective would be complete well guess what, you can do that now. The touch screen supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points, so you can basically use your two hand to control the elements on screen.

The S7 can be interchanged between the mouse, the touch pad or the touch screen. I enjoyed moving between screens with just a finger tap on the screen and games where a breeze to play.


I played a game called “webbies” and oh boy did I have fun. It like this little sling shot game where you have to feed the critters so you place your finger on the screen pull the sling shot back and boom you score. So much easier than playing with the mouse.

We also ran some tests on 3DMark to see how well the graphics will handle and it did not disappoint.


We decided to test the ultraboook through PCMark 7 as well and it actually scored very high with a lot of thanks to the solid state drive.


The design is clean and very thin but as soon as you feel the ultrabook it you can feel that it is strongly built and high quality. The screen cannot turn around to form a tablet and that was quite disappointing but you can see that they rather went for touch durable design that will last. It can however open up completely flat on the surface.

The S7 is sleek in looks and the touch screen is awesomely stable. When you open the notebook up it start automatically but those are just settings you can adjust. The LED screen makes the visuals clear in contrast and do not strain your eyes.


This ultrabook is ideal for the businessman that need a sturdy yet durable and lightweight laptop to travel with that comes with a lot of power. The price tag is rough and for people looking for more gaming or entertainment there are a lot of cheaper options out there as this laptop is made for travelling and more for business.


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