The GES Team


We are aiming to create an info and discussion E-hub for South Africans where they can come to for anything from Gaming, Movies, Hardware, Anime and Comics. This is an ongoing process so please feel free to contact us with any request and/or suggestions. We are also very happy to supply you with our website traffic stats and/or analytics ratings should you be considering becoming one of our suppliers. We take reviews seriously, your time and money are on the line when you’re deciding whether or not you should purchase (or rent) a game, movie or comic etc. Whether you just glance at our ratings or read our full reviews in their entirety, I think you’ll find us to be a dependable, entertaining source of information.


Our reviews give you a more local flavour, as every country has its own differences and challenges (i.e. Bandwidth). Also we found that there aren’t many sites out there where you can go and talk about the review or product being reviewed afterwards especially in your local community. All our reviewers are done by normal people whom have a passion for Gaming, Movies, Comics etc. You will find that all of them have a unique style of reviewing and obviously their own taste. All the reviews do get checked by our analyst as well as checked to see if it complies with our standard. We urge our reviewers not to be biased and have an open mind when writing the reviews.


Re-Play: This section is for game reviews only; a review that was done just after a game was released is not always accurate after a month or so. Especially with gaming companies releasing so many patches and updates these days to fix problems, improve gameplay or even add new features. If this is the case with a game, we will add a section called revisited, where we will conduct a small review on the changes the game has undergone and if it changes the score it will be added with this section. This however is not for every single patch or update that a game will receive only if the updates or patches make dramatic changes to the game and what the review was about.

If you feel that we are missing an update or information about one that is significant; feel free to contact us by finding the details at the bottom of the page.