FIFA 19: The Review

Has the FIFA franchise finally hit a dead-end with their gaming franchise? You’d think so, but EA continues to milk that cow for all its milk.   Okay, so first off, this review is purely MY OPINION and if you have played the game and disagree, please don’t come at…

The Crit

Story - 100%
Graphics - 84%
Audio - 89%
Gameplay - 50%
Replayability - 51%



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Has the FIFA franchise finally hit a dead-end with their gaming franchise? You’d think so, but EA continues to milk that cow for all its milk.


Okay, so first off, this review is purely MY OPINION and if you have played the game and disagree, please don’t come at me like a diehard, drop me a comment and I’ll be happy to engage in a discussion about the new FIFA 19.


FIFA 19. This game, this game man! As someone who was top 3 (Ranked Mode – Online) in the country in 2011 (when FIFA was actually good) I like to think that I know a thing or two about FIFA and the mechanics of “Football Simulation”, so it makes me feel like I am not just making stuff up. The progression of this title is non-existent at the moment, stagnant if you will. The basis of the games’ mechanics are clearly based off of FIFA 18, which for EA, is a disgrace but not surprising.


There were a few cons in FIFA 18 that we complained about, over and over again that were carried over into FIFA 19, which to me is crazy and just shows EA’s character as a company. From the slow paced game, seriously though the game is slloooooowwwww, passes are slow as hell gameplay seems dragged and dead. My favourite is the new drive shot octopus finger combination, you have to press buttons and control it with the left stick to actually get the shot on anywhere near the target, then I saw the new addition of “Timed Shots’, a little bar appears below your player indicating after first press when the ideal time is to hit it with most accuracy and power, ONLY PROBLEM IS YOU NEED TO HAVE THE TRAINER TURNED ON TO THE SEE THE BAR! So I guess im not using that.


This review isn’t even going to talk about graphics and sound, you know the usual “shabang”, because you can grab FIFA 18, 17 or 16 and you;’’ be exposed to the exact same visuals and audio. The main thing ill concentrate on here is the gameplay. There are some pros and some cons to the gameplay this time around, let’s go through a few of the Pros, as I think the cons are that the game is a con and we should just buy an “Upgrade” Season pass for FIFA 18.


Pressing. Pressing has long been an issue in FIFA, with your team just going through the flow without actually pushing up, getting on top of their man and putting pressure on the opposition. With FIFA 19, there has been a significant improvement in the pressing game, it actually feels like your team wants to be there and are hungry for the ball, rather than a full team of Mesut Ozils.


Celebrations. So something I loved that wasn’t in FIFA 18 were the group celebration. You would run off to the side line and of a dance and you would be alone, just going the samba like a tool with the team just kind of looking at you like a derp. Luckily, in FIFA 19, they brought this back with the whole team getting together to do a group celebration, small wins guys, small wins.


Passing. Ah, YES! Finally, a FIFA that doesn’t feel like you are chasing passes. Something I’ve noticed, that may or may not be on purpose, is that the more consecutives passes you string back and forth, the more likely your team is to make a handling error. I noticed this right of the bat playing a game against my nephew. I used to make him chase ball for days in FIFA 18 but now, Bellerin loses the ball after 3 or 4 back and forths, unsurprisingly.


Extra Modes. So they have given us some extra things to play with here, Survival and No Rules custom games modes. Essentially, survival (NOT BATTLE ROYALE) is a mode where every time you score, a player gets sent off of your team and you go in until your entire team has left the pitch. No rules, is a tricky one, because we could previously play a quick match or PvP and take Fouls and Offside off, now there a game mode dedicated to it? Is it a farce or is it promoting it to be a fun mode rather than a competitive mode where there are no rules? Either way, its good fun and no one cares who wins.


The Journey. This year round, you have the choice of playing 3 parallel stories; Alex Hunter Kim Hunter and Danny Williams. You can either play them one by one, or switch between them to truly live the integrated story line. The mode is as intriguing as interesting as ever, with more immersion into the players’ lives, creating the next step for FIFA of the future.





FIFA 19 is a rip of FIFA 18, with some added extras but nothing to fix the problems we all had with FIFA 18; slow paced games, terrible shooting, defensive AI is OP as heck, and so on and so forth. The game isn’t up to standard and is nowhere near being R1000 worth. The journey is amazing and I love that aspect of the game, but it can’t carry this title for a full year and sur e doesn’t deem it to be R1000. The likes of career and FUT, exactly the same, FUT is still pay to win and career is boring, has been since FIFA 14. Would I pay for this? No


Additional Information

Reviewed on: Playstation 4
Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genre: Sports
Age Rating: PG
Publisher/Developer: Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver, EA Romania
Estimated RRP: R999.00
Release Date:  28 September 2018


  • The Journey


  • Gameplay still slow
  • Shooting if still off

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