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Cosplayer Spotlight #1 – Devin Green

Welcome to the first edition of the GES Cosplayer Spotlight.

Just like our Cosplayer of the month, we will create a platform for South African Cosplayers to tell the community and their fans all they need to know, however, this will be posted on a weekly basis and will feature cosplayers who are newer to the cosplay community and achieve great things, whether it’s winning competitions, owning shops that all of us cosplayers are so addicted to, or being just plain awesome! BUT FEAR NOT! Our Cosplayer of the month feature will keep running!

For our first edition of Cosplayer Spotlight, I chose to interview Devin Green, and here’s why:

Devin Green (Owner of Sliding Door’s Cosplay and Arkham SA) is a Joburg born and raised cosplayer with a little more under his belt than most in the community.

Devin Green - South African Cosplayer and Owner or Sliding Door's Cosplay
Click this image to see how perfectly in Character Devin was as Mad Hatter at Icon 2015

What started off as just a fun hobby as a kid, sky rocketed into TV interviews, calendar appearances and a great rep in not only the South African cosplay community, but worldwide too.

Devin is most well-known for his Joker cosplay and for the way he becomes the character not only in looks, but chillingly in personality too.


It all started up from a very young age. He recalls that he wasn’t at the time aware it was cosplay but just wanted to become the characters he loved and experience the worlds and stories they came from. He used to run around as the Joker or Jack Sparrow at home and only about four years ago did he become aware of the cosplay hobby and conventions through friends and word of mouth.

The Joker is definitely the origin of Devin’s fame. It was very much the character that started actual cosplay for him and got him known around the cosplay circle. The Joker was always a very easy character for him to get into and act like, he’s always had an affinity to some aspects of his personality. Yet his Starlord (which he was featured for in Forbes) and Mad Hatter have just continued to contribute to his already well-known name.

Devin has had great interviews so far, most recently on YoTV and was used by ITF gaming as the face of Geekfest 2013. He has also won, or placed in 7 cosplay competitions in his 4 years of cosplay. He will also be added to the 2016 Men vs Cosplay Calendar.

Men vs Cosplay is one of the biggest cosplay pages focusing on sharing talented male cosplayers. The Calendar is a feature of 365 cosplayers for each day. The calendar will be available late December, Early Jan and they have decided to use his Star Lord and may also use his Mad Hatter.

Over the next few months you can look forward to his Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he will also continue working on Kylo throughout the year to make it worthy of the 501st (The 501st is an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of the costumes of villains from the Star Wars universe.), as well as Rumplestiltskin, Geralt Of Rivia, and possibly The Mask to name just a few.

You can follow Devin’s epic cosplay adventures on the following links:

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