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1 hour into DC FanDome

So DC FanDome started with a bang. First off was the Wonder Woman 1984 Panel with some of the cast and a great special guest entrance by Linda Carter. It was a great panel to watch and we saw the new trailer that you can see below.

Next up was the WB Games Montreal announcement and we saw Gotham Knights a new game coming 2021. Batman is dead and it is code black, his proteges now need to take the stage and protect Gotham. Take on the role of Nightwing, Robin, BatGirl or Red Hood. The game is still in very early stages but looks like it will definitely live up to the Batman Arkham series name.

Check out the trailers below:

Check out the rest of DC FanDome at https://dcfandome.come and you can also catch these panels again on the rerun throughout the 24 hours.

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