Star Wars Rebels Pinball

Zen Studios Star Wars Rebels Pinball Game Review

A Long time ago,

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Star Wars Rebels Pinball

I had the opportunity to play this awesome new pinball from Zen Studios called Star Wars Rebels. The playfield is done up beautifully with designs coming straight out of the show. I personally love the chopper mini game where you have to control a chopper from left to right, to get the main computers working again.Star Wars Rebels Pinball ScreenshotGameplay wise it plays as good as butter on hot toast. It is not as difficult to play as the other tables in the series but also not that easy that you will get bored. The soundtrack just like the artwork is also from the show, one thing that does get a bit on your nerves is the voice effects as its not random but triggered by certain events that you can be guaranteed to hit every so often. But this is only a little irksome and can easily be ignored.Star Wars Rebels Pinball ScreenshotThe reason for this type of in between table is of the younger audience that is associated to the show; I hope they do realize that there is a lot more adults watching the show! I would suggest this to any of the current Zen Pinball owners as it is nice to have in the collection and it gives you a bit of a break from the harder tables. Star Wars Rebels Pinball ScreenshotWould I suggest it to somebody just starting out with Zen Pinball? That answer would be yes definitely! I would even go so far and say get it as your second table. This is your local mad Scientist signing out…..where did I put my controller???

PS....for the guys that want to find out how to score bigtime in the game check out the guide on Zen Studios Blog!

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