XBox One trolls made us chuckle

So we’re probably still a bit grumpy that as of yet no one over at Microsoft can tell us when exactly the Xbox One will be available in SA which is why this story had us giggling over the weekend.

YouTube users Master of Luck & MisterCoDSlayer did a little sneaky during a Call of Duty online match. XBox One offers up voice recognition through Kinect. Pretty cool right? Well… not so much after these two were done. One of them changed their handle to “Xbox Sign Out”.

So what?

Well, all the guy had to do was annoy the other players enough that they would shout out his handle and Voila! Xbox One picked up the moan as a command and sent the player to the Sign Out screen.


There’s even a video – check it out:

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Sam Wright is a superhero addict and closet trekkie who secretly wakes up every morning wishing she was one of the X-Men. Her day job involves marketing B2B SMEs (say that ten times fast) she much prefers spending quality time with her mediator & flat screen. Sam wishes for the day a coffee machine brings her coffee in bed, time travel becomes an option at the airport and taking a hover board to work is a possibility.

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  • Jean du Plessis

    iLOLed really hard!

  • Domnique Zeiler

    Lol!!! Brilliants :-D