World War Z Movie Review


There’s nothing that excites me more than when a movie trailer shows me how epic a movie is going to be, I just can’t help it 2013 has been a good year for Science Fiction and add to that Zombies are the big trend and the Entertainment industry is really following this trend (Warm Bodies- TeenRom Movie, The Walking Dead – TV series, Dead Rising 3 – Xbox One, Dying Light – PS4) It seems the zombie apocalypse has happened but in the world of entertainment.

They really ramped up the zombie horde scenes and took zombie mob attacks to a whole other level (I never even thought zombies could be stacked like Legos or be easily distracted by soda cans). I was overly critical of this movie as I am a big zombie genre fan, anything zombie will do, even when Megatron reawakens dead transformers. I call that the ultimate tri-fetor ALIEN ROBOT ZOMBIES.

The movie could have very easily and neatly have been broken up into 4 short stories (Which I have named 1. The Outbreak, 2.Finding Patient zero, 3. The Wall, 4. Camouflage). Each with its own unique style and each touch upon different zombie type terror. Basically the movie reads like an evolution of a zombie outbreak. The plot seemed almost realistic and considering the unconventional topic and the theory as to why the outbreak had started had me convinced that should we be faced with end times of Zombie attacks that will wipe out the human race we might have a fighting chance. Yes there’s a book but the movie is so loosely based on the book by Max Brooks which is actually set after the war, in which a narrative unfolds of survivors recounting there experiences of the war.


In the movie there are 2 levels of the infected. The zombies posed equally horrifying in both versions, dormant slow ready to strike and as raging lightning fast brute force destruction. Driven only by animal base instinct.

My favourite scene was in the last quarter of the movie without spoiling it I will just say the pace slows down, then quietens, the tone becomes tense and suspense is heightened till you can cut it with a knife.

This is the scene worth waiting for as you hold your breath, the silence is shattered by a heart stopping shrill sound made by the zombies resembling the Jurassic Park Velociraptor’s as Brad Pitt navigates through a labyrinth of Labs alone. OK so hopefully you now are eager anticipate watching this even if not a zombie genre fan.

The movie just keeps you interested from minute 1 and must be included in your “must watch” list of 2013 movies.

The movie is EPIC in every sense of the word, even though no stats are out on this, but this must be the movie with the largest amount of zombies ever used. Original budget of the movie was $125 million but was inflated to $190 million with the re-writes. The movie extras ran into thousands, people showing up to be apart of this Epic movie which was primarily filmed on location in London, England Pine studios and then moved onto Malta, Valletta and the Three Cities. Filming also took place in Budapest,  Falmouth, Cornwell and Glasgow, Scotland which was passed off in certain scenes as Philadelphia and ending with filming in Russia.

WHY DO HUMANS ALWAYS END UP BUILDING A WALL TO PROTECT THEMSELVES??? (in these movies whether it be against Monsters or Zombies) as inevitably Science and Chuck Norris always saves the day in the end!

I didn’t want the movie to end and at times thought there where pieces missing in the fluidity of the scenes not enough to make you question it whilst watching but on review I did question the editing. This is one movie I hope to see a sequel to and if the box office grossing is anything to go by with the figure being a staggering $202,359,711, I remain hopeful. Guys if you want your date clutching you at every scene definite DVD to hire but not on a first date.

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