What’s on Harley’s Playlist?

Listen Mister Jay…

So we all have our specific genre of music that we enjoy listening to, and most of us have a few playlists already primed to sooth a specific mood, a favourite song that we keep on repeat because it either justifies a feeling or assists you in having that “Ally McBeal Moment”.

The aim of these posts will be to see how many of us interpret our favourite characters and personalities. If you had to visit this specific person, pick up their phone or their iPod, what music would you find in their playlist? What would be their most played track? Who would be their favourite band?

Have some fun, voice your opinion below!

Enter Harley Quinn

There is this very young spirited and devilishly cute dame that often runs past you in a shopping mall, in the streets of your neighborhood, and she is almost always carrying a heavy mallet or baseball bat… it couldn’t just be for self defense could it?

One day you decide to stop her mid skip, and introduce yourself. You two hit it off (pardon the bad pun) and she invites you over to her place for a game of Twister. When you arrive, you notice her place is quite…dark, and not in the illumination perspective of the word, however there is a lot of humour in the darkness.

She hops on over to her Diamond Shaped iPod Speaker Dock, plugs in her iPod, presses play and …

What’s playing?

About Mirage

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