The Walking Dead Season 2 Game Review

“You ain’t little, you ain’t a girl, you ain’t a boy, you ain’t strong or smart… you’re alive”

There’s a reason Robert Kirkman’s comics took off and it’s the same reason the TV show based on them became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s also the same reason I think this game is rad: there is nothing more fascinating than human nature. When the world as we know it comes to an end and the living dead infest our homes, our streets and everything we know – stuff is going to get real ugly. People revert back to that primal instinct, the core of their nature and it is no holds barred.

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In season two of Telltale’s award winning offering we revert back to the comics we’ve come to love. The visuals are more graphic novel than “as real life as we can get”. You’ll be playing as Clementine, the little girl Season 1’s main character tried so hard to protect. She’s somewhat harder now and independent. There are so many varied dialogue options that you’re now in a position to determine how you want the character to play out. You’ll want to stay sweet and honest but manipulative and bitchy are possible options as well. The story itself is extremely strong. So much so that half way through episode 1 I began to feel like I was participating in a live action novel and not so much an actual game.

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As a roleplaying game I was extremely impressed. So much thought went into dialogue and developing the protagonist. However, to keep up the action anti someone missed the part about developing the new characters. Even though your saved files from season 1 carry over, most of the cool characters are dead, so you’re stuck with what you’re given. I’m presuming they’ll improve on this as the episodes continue. The storyline is gritty, it’s everything you love from The Walking Dead, though at times somewhat difficult to watch – mainly because the main character is a kid. Something you won’t easily forget, jumping for items on top of tall shelves and relying more on other characters is going to be a tough pill to swallow for those used to playing the big strong hero type.

Expect less puzzle solving and more story. The fight scenes are rather rad though. While you’ll need to button mash like crazy (something I do so love), Telltale slows the actual sequence down so you get to hear the cracking of a skull, watch as a bullet impacts and ultimately enjoy all the gore you’ve come to expect from The Walking Dead.


It’s an impressive game and a fantastic follow up to Season 1 – which was rather epic in its own right. The crux of it really is that a meaty storyline can juice up any game. Season 2 is proving just that.

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