The GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest | The Year The Contest Leveled Up…..

2016 proved to be a very big year for Cosplay at the rAge Expo. For the first time since the beginning of the rAge Expo, organizers gave the Artist Alley and the Cosplay Contest it’s very own space in the newly added Blue Label Wing and it must  be one of the best received changes at the Expo this year. 

Finally we had a space where Cosplayers could walk around without fear of their props and costumes being damaged by the crowds on the main Expo floor. We were given a Cosplay stage where we could host Cosplay panels, talks by artists and the like and it was truly amazing. We are very appreciative of the initiative shown by the organizers of the Expo and their growing commitment to the Cosplay community and contest.

This was also the first year that GES was solely responsible for the organizing and presentation of the annual rAge Cosplay Contest and what seemed to be a daunting task was made easy by an awesome team of GES members, that were willing to help out and get things done, all in the name of Cosplay and the celebration of our South African Cosplayers and their talents. Some of the changes GES brought to the Cosplay Contest was a change to how the judges entered their scores as well as the addition of a Cosplay Hospital next to the judging booth. Our judging panel was very impressed with how easy it was to submit their scores and it made the admin process of tallying the scores to find the winners a breeze.

GES Judging tool that was used during the GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest
GES Judging tool that was used during the GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest

Our awesome panel of judges this year was Yamaki, Miguel Lima from 6waysoftheninja and a relative newcomer to the Cosplay scene Martin-J, representing the gaming community on the panel. They did a brilliant job of scoring our contestants and staying objective whilst still getting involved and offering up advice to the Cosplayers. Thank you very much for spending your time with GES and the Cosplay Contest, we’re in awe of your professionalism and enthusiasm that you brought to our Contest.

We’ve got some Cosplay Contest stats that we wanted to share with our readers….

  • We received a total of 112 pre-entries of which 97 Cosplayers registered during the Expo and that were seen by the judges.
  • There were 61 Individual cosplayers who competed in the 2016 Contest, and 5 Groups who entered in their division.
  • 21 Cosplayers also entered their costumes in the Costume & Crafting division and a total of 10 Cosplayers performed on stage in the Skits Division.
  • Of these 97 entries, we saw 42 newcomers (Cosplayers that entered in the Novice skill level) which is quite phenomenal when you realize that almost half of the entries were n00bs to the Cosplay Contest.

We were absolutely blown away by the level of Cosplay this year, not only from the Contest entries but from the casual Cosplayers as well. Thank you for bringing you’re A-game to rAge 2016 and we cannot wait to see what 2017 holds in store for GES and the rAge Cosplay Contest!

Photography by Vanora Naude Photography – find them on Facebook here

GES rAge 2016 Cosplay Contest Skits Division - Videos by Bianca Louw

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